Why did Seo Soojin leave (G)I-dle? Cube Entertainment blasted for 'making' star leave group

Fans are angry at Cube Entertainment for its mismanagement of artists, accusing them of dropping artists like Seo Soojin over 'fake scandals'

                            Why did Seo Soojin leave (G)I-dle? Cube Entertainment blasted for 'making' star leave group
Soojin leaves (G)I-dle after a public scandal about school bullying leaving fans angry at the label for mismanagement of artists (@official_g_i_dle/Instagram)

K-pop has been under attack ever since several alleged victims have come out to expose idols' unsavory past as school bullies. Many idols like Mingyu from Seventeen, Hyunjin from Stray Kids to name a few had been attacked by supposed victims. But these allegations turned out to be false upon proper investigation. 

Seo Soojin better known as Soojin from the K-pop group (G)I-dle went on a temporary hiatus on March 4, 2021. After a lot of back and forth regarding the scandal, it seemed like Cube Entertainment was not doing anything about the entire situation.


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Soojin’s bullying scandal

Initially, both Soojin and Cube Entertainment denied these rumors. But the situation took a turn for the worse for Soojin when actress Seo Shin Ae came forward to accuse Soojin of bullying her in school. But fans had still been hopeful about the situation as most of the other idols who were involved in similar scandals were deemed innocent as they were finally able to join their groups and follow through with regular activities.

A lot of damage had been done to Soojin's reputation during the scandal and her chances to join the group again were limited because bullying scandals are not taken lightly by the Korean public. More so, because in Soojin’s case she was accused of bullying her victims over a long period of time and also accused of school violence.


Cube Entertainment releases a statement

On August 14, Cube Entertainment announced that Soojin would be leaving the group. In their statement they first apologized for the heartache fans had endure because of the controversy surrounding Soojin. They said that they had made their final decision that Soojin would leave the group and (G)I-dle would continue with only 5 members.

This statement from Cube Entertainment has left fans upset. This is not the first incident of mismanagement seen from the label. Artists like HyunA and Dawn were dismissed from the company when it was revealed that they were dating each other. In more recent news, CLC's Yu Jin, who is also a member of the new survival show ‘Girls Planet 999,’ broke down during one of her sound byte clips alleging that their group had been dismissed by Cube Entertainment. However, the agency has not yet made any public statement about CLC, leaving fans wondering about the fate of the group.

After being publicly accused of bullying, Soojin leaves (G)I-dle leaving fans angry at the label for its mismanagement of artists (official_g_i_dle/Instagram)

Fans angry with Cube Entertainment

Here is what fans have to say about the statement of Soojin leaving the group. One fan pointed, "So far cube already ruin many grpd beast, 4minute, clc, pentagon, triple h and now gidle."



One fan added, "Over a fake scandal." pointing out that Soojin had not even made a public announcement accepting the bullying accusations. Another fan said, "Didn’t she say she would leave if it was true…she hasn’t given a statement since ssa made hers." while one fan also pointed, "So this is how cube deals with their problems?... Making them leave in every controversy." Another angry fan said, "At this point i just hope Cube went bankrupt..so their artists can leave in peace to find a better agency who can manage each and every one of them properly as an idol and most of all as a human."








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