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BigHit denies BTS RM's marriage swiftly, brings V and Blackpink Jennie dating rumor to light

Fans think the dating rumor is true or V and Jennie are being used to distract from Le Sserafim's Garam's bullying case
UPDATED JUN 24, 2022
BigHit denied RM's marriage rumors within hours but has continued to stay silent while photos and theories on V and Jennie make the rounds (@jennierubyjane, @bts.bighit, @thv/Instagram)
BigHit denied RM's marriage rumors within hours but has continued to stay silent while photos and theories on V and Jennie make the rounds (@jennierubyjane, @bts.bighit, @thv/Instagram)

It seems to be dating rumor season in K-pop and BTS and Blackpink cannot seem to escape. After BTS’ V and Jennie were linked, J-hope and Rosé were rumored to be dating. It was followed by ridiculous speculations that Jin might be married. And a couple of days later, we had a YouTube video claiming that RM was set to marry. Fans have taken it all in stride and are making memes and joking about it. And while most know not to take dating rumors seriously unless confirmed, BTS’ label, BigHit’s latest announcement has made fans suspicious.

Within hours of the YouTube video talking about RM’s alleged marriage, BigHit swiftly denied it in a short and curt statement, “The rumors are not true.” This has alerted fans who did not even know that there were marriage rumors as the YouTube video did not reach international fans. Even Korean fans claimed that it was not a big deal as the YouTube channel often spreads false rumors with BTS’ V sharing that he would be suing the owner in the past. But with it taking apparently no effort to release a short denying statement, fans are now wondering why BigHit did not deny V and Blackpink Jennie’s dating rumor.

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BigHit’s selective denial puts the spotlight on Jennie and V

While several multi-fans love to ship BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung and Blackpink’s Jennie for their otherworldly visuals, there is a strained relationship between the two fandoms as solo fans hate the rival group. With the dating rumor first popping up, both V and Jennie were sent immense hate. While Blackpink’s label, YG has always responded to Jennie’s past dating rumors, they stated that they had nothing to say now. In the past, they had also tried to deny the news when she was actually dating EXO’s Kai. BigHit who just proved that they deny all false dating rumors, as evident with V dating an heiress and RM’s marriage being shut down immediately, has stayed silent.


Fans are theorising that if the dating rumor between Jennie and V were false, both labels would have denied it especially since the whole internet knows the cyber bullying that takes place when a K-pop idol tries to date. There is also another conspiracy theory making the rounds that BigHit’s parent company HYBE has teamed up with YG to deflect the attention from Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam in exchange for something.

HYBE’s latest girl group has been turning heads for the wrong reason as member Garam has been accused of school bullying, assaulting students and getting the highest level of punishment from the school violence committee. Fans think nepotism might be involved or that she has some powerful contacts as HYBE is not willing to drop her. And so fans think the label is staying silent on V’s dating rumor with Jennie to keep the attention on them rather than Le Sserafim.

‘Is it true or is there something else’

One fan was sure that something was up between HYBE and YG, “I already told you that everything about Tae and Jennie is set up by their companies??? Right?? HYBE was very fast they spoke for RM but for Tae…” Similarly, one wondered, “Is it true or is there something else going on? If there was nothing, they  would probably deny it like this. But for [V] they are completely silent.” Another hinted, “See ? THEN KNOW HOW TO DENY FALSE NEWS 🤷🏻 IF YOU HEARD NOTHING, THEN THINK !”




One added, “Lol during tae’s rumors they were sleeping 😌 or jen and tae are in relationship thats why they are not denying.” Another found it suspicious, “Y’all can deny this but not Jennie and tae, smh.” One tried to guess why HYBE was silent, “They don't deny nor confirm rumors involving other idols, only responds when it involves private people. they never said anything about hobi's rumor with a gg member [Blackpink’s Rosé] either.”




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