'Hospital Playlist' Season 2: Episode 7 teases Ik-jun Song-hwa romance, fans gush over relationship

"Regardless if they end up romantically or not, what they have is already so beautiful" tweeted a fan and we couldn't agree more.

                            'Hospital Playlist' Season 2: Episode 7 teases Ik-jun Song-hwa romance, fans gush over relationship
Lee Ik-jun played by Cho Jung-seok and Chae Song-hwa played by Jeon Mi-do in 'Hospital Playlist' (Instagram/@hospitalplaylist_official)

For fans of 'Hospital Playlist' episode 7 is finally here, after a long-awaited break. And although there were a few heartbreaking moments, the episode featured a favourite fan character taking centre stage. Of course, we are talking about Docter Lee Ik-jun. 

'Hospital Playlist' follows the lives of doctors Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyoung-ho), Yang Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung), and Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) as they navigate through work, relationships and friendships.


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It's no secret that Ik-jun is a popular character among fans. He's charming, charismatic and hilarious. But episode 7 proved that he's popular within the 'Hospital Playlist' universe itself. The scene was set up as it usually would have been -- Ik-jun asked Song-hwa to join him for lunch. But on the way to the cafeteria, he ends up talking to everyone, from store owners to janitors and even the gardeners at Yul-je. When he finally sits down for lunch, he is greeted by a security staff member, Yong-hyeon. The residents are amazed, seeing that they've never seen Yong-hyeon smile or be pleasant.

To which Ik-jun reminds them that it's never about judging people. This is a rather important scene because later in the episode, fans find out Yong-hyeon's estranged mother was admitted to the hospital. Seeing that she was brain dead, he had to decide if he wanted to donate her organs. Although it was a tough choice, he decided that it was the right one. Later as Yong-hyeon sat alone in the courtyard, Ik-jun joined him, and they had a conversation.

Here, he revealed that his mother left him when he was four years old and that he met her only 30 years later. He had no memories of her but now had to make a vital decision concerning her life. He hoped that by donating her organs, it was her way of allowing him to prove that he was a good son. Ik-sun comforted him that his decision would give someone the gift of life. Fans were thrilled to see that Ik-jun's character isn't just a funny one, but a genuine person who cares for everyone. 

"If there is a competition for being the most friendliest person alive, ikjun would definitely won and bring lots of gold i swear he knew almost everyone around yulje its fascinating #HospitalPlaylistS2 #HospitalPlaylistS2Ep7" tweeted a user. 

"how ikjun balances being a good father, a trusted friend, a respectable senior doctor, and just being a person with a good heart is so admirable. I feel like the writers made him way too perfect and ideal.  #HospitalPlaylist2 #HospitalPlaylist2Ep7 #HospitalPlaylistS2" added another. 





Apart from being an empathetic person, the episode also gave fans another reason to celebrate. U-ju, Ik-jun's son, who has been wanting to go on a camping trip, finally got his wish, as the both of them, along with Song-hwa go camping. It was fun to see them relax and almost look like a family. With each episode, Song-hwa seems to realise that Ik-jun's feelings for her are real and now, fans can't help but hope that they become a couple by the end of this season. 

"The best relationship starts off with a good friendship. Regardless if they end up romantically or not, what they have is already so beautiful.  #HospitalPlaylist2 #HospitalPlaylist2Ep7 #HospitalPlaylistS2" tweeted a user. "Songhwa remembered every little thing that you did because she liked and had feelings for you during freshman year, Lee Ikjun... you should've known it.  #HospitalPlaylist2Ep7 #HospitalPlaylistS2Ep7" agreed another. 

"i am officially calling them the sunny side up familee cause they look a sunny side up egg with songhwa as the egg yolk and ikjun & uju being the egg whites lmao they are so cute!  #HospitalPlaylist2 #HospitalPlaylistS2Ep7" tweeted a fan, giving the trio the most adorable name ever!

"Omg they're so cute I wanna cry #HospitalPlaylistS2 #HospitalPlaylistS2Ep7" added a fan. "Iksong nation we are winning  #HospitalPlaylistS2Ep7 #HospitalPlaylistS2 #HospitalPlaylist" tweeted another. "This moments scream beautiful My IkSong heart is happy today #HospitalPlaylistS2Ep7 #HospitalPlaylistS2" said a user. 











What do you think? Will Song-hwa finally acknowledge her feelings? Tell us in the comments below! 

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