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'High & Low The Worst X': NCT Yuta cast as villain, fans say ‘most iconic actor debut’

The K-pop idol is to make his acting debut in one of the biggest Japanese action film franchises
UPDATED APR 21, 2022
Yuta lands his first acting project (@yuu_taa_1026/Instagram, HiGH & LOW/YouTube)
Yuta lands his first acting project (@yuu_taa_1026/Instagram, HiGH & LOW/YouTube)

Well, it looks like it is time for Japanese-born K-pop idol Yuta from NCT to take over the Japanese entertainment industry too. The NCT member is an all-rounder since he is a dancer, vocalist and rapper in his fixed sub-unit NCT 127. On top of that, he is one of the most popular members in Japan which has now prompted the J-film industry to rope him in. Yuta is set to make his acting debut in one of the biggest action movie franchises, ‘High & Low’. 

On April 21, it was announced that Yuta had been cast in the next film of the series, ‘High & Low: The Worst X’. Fans were impressed as not only is the NCT star making his acting debut, it’s on the big screen. On top of that, he is set to play the villain. The series focuses on the J-pop act Exile Tribe and the 2022 installment will be clashing with Yuta’s group, the antagonists. 

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NCT’s Yuta to play the villain

‘High & Low: The Worst X’ will be coming to theatres in Japan on September 9. The posters and the trailer are already out, giving us a glimpse of Yuta as Ryo Susaki, the gang leader of Senomon Industrial High School. The film also stars popular J-pop idols like Be:First’s Ryoki who plays Kohei Tenshii. The protagonist, Hanaoka who is part of Oya High will be played by idol actor Kazuma Kawamura who is part of the J-pop group The Rampage of Exile Tribe. The film is set 3 years after the events of ‘High & Low: The Worst’ which follows the rivalry between Oya High’s street fighters and delinquents of Housen Academy.


Watch the trailer below.



‘Who’s doing it like him’

With Yuta showing off his acting chops and martial art tricks as he possibly does his own stunts, excited fans are making tweets like, “Yuta’s first acting gig being one of japan’s most successful movie franchise like who’s doing it like him?!!!!” Another NCTzen joked, “Me jumping in to help Yuta fight.” One fan posted, “When you thought Yuta can't get any hotter I'M SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS.” Another said, “Im pretty sure yuta plays a villain which means im siding with him throughout the film idk idk.”





One NCTzen flexed, “Yuta coming out as an actor then straight up playing a MAIN ROLE??? not a cameo or a support role but a MAIN ROLE?!?!?! he’ll gonna eat this shit up. GOODLUCK TO YUTA ACTOR!!!!“ A multi-fan was excited for the interactions, “SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UP WE GONNA SEE KAZUMA, HOKUTO, AND YUTA THROWING HANDS AT EACH OTHER.” Fans have already started making fancams just from the trailer, “Yuta as ryo suzaki from high&low the worst x.” Another NCTzen shared, “IT'S WHAT HE DESERVES! FINALLY ACTOR NAYU!!!” One was hyped up, “Yuta is playing a villain.” One fan wrote, “Yuta literally took a shower that transported him to japan and came back as the main villain of an action movie if this isn't the most iconic actor debut story idk what is.”