'Dear M' gets release date after bullying row, NCT fans say, 'Actor Jaehyun finally'

'Dear M' gets release date after bullying row, NCT fans say, 'Actor Jaehyun finally'
Jaehyun's drama will be released in Japan first (KBS/Naver)

It looks like the fans’ prayers have been heard. Jaehyun had become the next NCT member to branch out and get into acting, however, he ended up facing way too many hurdles. His first acting project was the K-drama 'Dear M’ which was a spin-off of the hit web series ‘Love Playlist’. Jaehyun was one of the main characters with the show set to air in February 2021. Unfortunately, it got delayed as female lead Park Hye-su was embroiled in a school bullying scandal.

We then got the news that Jaehyun had been roped in to play one of the main roles in the drama remake of the BL (boy love) film ‘Bungee Jumping of their Own’. Unfortunately, due to creative differences, it was scrapped. While NCTzens (NCT’s fans) were not too disheartened since the film was allegedly homophobic, they all were frustrated with the ‘actor Jaehyun curse’ since he has not been able to get one K-drama despite his interest in acting. But it looks like that is about to change with ‘Dear M’ now getting a release date.


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'Dear M' follows the lives of four college students (KBS/Naver)

Why was the K-drama postponed?

In early January, the production, KBS finally gave an update on ‘Dear M’. They said that they were still interested in airing the K-drama, however, when they would get the green light depended on other factors. An insider had shared, “For now, it seems that the broadcast will be difficult in the first half of this year. I think we will be able to discuss the airing [of 'Dear M'] only after the police investigation results [of Park Hye-su’s bullying scandal] come out.”

Park Hye-su’s bullying scandal was unofficially cleared by Dispatch, a Korean media outlet that investigated and unearthed that the actress herself was a victim of school bullying and not the other way around. But since the general public has turned their backs on the actress till an official statement is released, the production is looking for other ways to air the drama.

'Dear M' will be released in Japan first (KBS/Naver)

'Dear M' to get Japanese release first

On March 24, an insider shared that ‘Dear M’ has gotten a release date in Japan. They said, “After last year at KBS, 'Dear M', which is still on hold this year [for the Korean premiere], will be released in Japan in the second half of this year.” KBS also confirmed that the drama had signed a contract for overseas airing and Japan was one of the countries. Fans are happy that Jaehyun’s drama will finally see the light and that no other person’s hard work will go to waste due to one person’s actions or controversies.

One NCTzen tweeted, “Actor jaehyun, the wait was definitely worth it.” Another fan posted, “WELCOME HOME CHA MINHO.” One shared, “It’s been more than a year and finally, a good day for Jaehyun and Valentines.”

Another added, “Dear.m finally airing omgggg jaehyun actor coming to life !! see you soon cha minho !” One fan said, “B***H FINALLY!! IT IS MY MAN'S TIME TO SHINE GOD I WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS.” Another NCTzen commented, “Actor jaehyun 😭😭 finally.”







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