'Gym Karen' mocked for rant about members 'disrupting' her workout video: 'NOT a filming studio'

Most content producers just take their failure to record in public spaces in their stride and start over again, but TikToker Lisette decided to post a rant video about it

                            'Gym Karen' mocked for rant about members 'disrupting' her workout video: 'NOT a filming studio'
TikToker branded 'Gym Karen' after she complains about people walking past her camera (TikTok/ @lissettepma)

A TikToker was promptly branded a 'Gym Karen' after she was seen complaining about people walking past her camera, which was propped in the middle of a public gymnasium as she tried to record her workout. Although health and fitness video creators on TikTok make it seem like an easy-breezy process to record and post their workout video, that is often not the case.

TikToker Lisette found that out the hard way on August 12, as she attempted to record her workout session at the gym for her social media followers. While most TikTok producers just take their failure in their stride and start over again, Lisette decided to post a rant video about it which was not well-received by many of her fans. There have been all kinds of 'Karens' making news lately. Some of them include the 'Pool Karen,' 'Aunt Karen,' 'Playground Karen,' and 'Drunken NJ Karen.'


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Who is Lisette?


Lisette is a TikTok video producer who goes by the username @lissettepma on the platform. So far she has 16,000 followers with whom she shares her fitness and her gym workout content. She was dubbed 'The Gym Karen' after she took to TikTok to post a rant video in which she is seen groaning about her experience after joining a new gym open to the public. “Started a new gym today only to find out people don’t have gym etiquette,” she wrote in the video caption.

She went onto explain her frustration after a woman, who was also a member of the same gym, walked across her camera while she was recording. “Here I was recording my leg stretch session for the past 15 min and this lady chose to squeeze between a narrow space and walk across my video, despite having a bigger space to walk through on the other side," she wrote. 

Lissette looks at the woman with disgust in the video and then back at the camera as if to convey her silent outrage. “The space between me and my phone is not that wide and it was obviously set up on a bright pink hydroflask,” she added, as the video showed a second guy walking in front of her camera. “And here comes this guy who walked around but then chose to walk in front even though he already saw me recording,” she said.

Lisette gets slammed

Although Lisette might have hoped to get her supporters to rally behind her and sympathize with her "plight," she was in for a shock. The only reactions she got for her rant was comments that mocked her entitled attitude. Social media users reiterated the fact that the people who walked past her camera did nothing wrong as it was a public gym, which Lisette seemed to have forgotten. 

“Girl it’s a public gym?” one person commented while another added, “It’s a gym NOT a filming studio.” A third person said: “They probably didn’t actually notice you were recording, but also maybe they just didn’t care. Humble yourself.” One more wrote, “The worst part is she posted this video in good faith thinking people would agree with her, a true Karen." One tweet said, “Another person who thinks everything revolves around them,” while the next commenter even quoted a famous line from 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', writing, tongue-in-cheek: “Kim there’s people that are dying”. There were also those who were more concerned to find out if Lisette had requested permission from people around her to film because there may have been members who valued their privacy and didn’t want to be filmed. 

After facing considerable backlash, Lisette insisted that it’s “normal” to film at the public gym because she wanted to watch the tapes back and track her progress. She said that in order to do so, she had isolated herself in one part of the gym but people still chose to walk past her camera. “Normally, I don’t care if people walk across when I know it’s in a crowd. I understand what you guys are saying, but I did isolate myself,” she added.

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