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'Florida Karen' tells Black woman to get out of her own apartment complex: 'Get the f**k out'

TikToker Ty was praised for recording the video of the unnamed Karen who was angry at her for walking her own dog in the Riverview apartment complex's grounds
Karen harasses Black woman for walking dog in viral video (Tiktok/ @_hottymale)
Karen harasses Black woman for walking dog in viral video (Tiktok/ @_hottymale)

A viral Tiktok video has identified another "Karen" in the wild, this time a White woman harassing a Black woman who was walking her dog around their apartment complex. The video has already amassed 1.4 million views in less than a day. 

The video, posted to TikTok by Ty or @_hottymale, had people praising the woman who recorded the video for keeping her calm composure in face of undeserved anger from the White woman who is yet to be identified. The unnamed Karen, who was walking her own dog and was struggling to control the pet, was seen in the video stepping toward Ty, who was recording the incident. As soon as Ty begins to film the encounter, Karen starts cursing at Ty for filming their encounter. “Fuck you and your fucking phone,” Karen yells, retreating away from Ty. “Get the fuck out of here.” Ty responds, “I live here." Some of the other "Karen" incidents have happened in Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York



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'Not going to jail for this lady'

“How long have you lived here?”, the Karen questioned next, to which Ty replies, “It doesn’t matter." However, the White woman did not back down. Instead she said, “Like a f**king month?”, trying to establish her authority by saying that she had lived in the complex for a whole year. 

Despite knowing that Ty lived in the complex, the Karen continued to scream and then started to criticize Ty for using her phone to record her abuse. “You know what bitches like you are the reason cell phones are a thing these days,” the Karen said. 

Unbothered by the White woman's accusations, Ty stood her ground and told her that she was going nowhere and was just out walking her dog. Ty then calls the White woman "a Karen," a term popularized over the last year for White women who have been caught on camera openly engaging in racist behaviour. After being called "Karen," the White woman became even more aggravated and charged towards Ty. “Come over here, I will call the cops,” Ty says. “Back it up, I will call the cops. Someone gotta come get her, I’m not going to jail for this lady.” 

The White woman continued to charge at Ty till a man got between the two women and told the Karen to go home. In a follow-up video, Ty said the incident took place in Riverview, Florida and the white woman had started yelling at her to move from across the complex lawn. When she approached the shouting woman, she claimed that Karen told her to move because she wanted to walk her own dog. 

Ty explains altercation

In another video uploaded after that, she said that she went to the leasing office to report her altercation with Karen but the property manager wasn’t available. She even planned to file a police report but could not do so because the altercation was verbal, not physical. She was told that her only possible course of action was to file a restraining order and take it up with her leasing office. A number of people told her that they would have hit Karen for charging them. However, Ty explained why she couldn’t do that.

“Had I have hit her, [a police officer] said she would have had grounds to file a battery charge against me because I did not move away and then I would have struck her first,” she said. “Everyone has different priorities. My freedom is a priority, but hey if you want to go out there and fight and tussle, do that. But with me being a Black woman and her being a white woman…” She ends the video there, making a face that suggests viewers fill in the blanks. 

The TikTok video received a host of responses. “I’d like to thank you for being THE reason cellphones are a thing,” one user wrote under the video. “Cellphones are a thing?” another remarked sarcastically, adding a laughing emoji. “I understand you didn’t want to go to jail but she would have got the combination for walking up," another added.