Elizabeta Trzeciak: Drunken NJ 'Karen', 46, screams N-word at hotel clerk in viral video

Mount Laurel police said they found Elizabeta Trzeciak intoxicated in the hotel parking lot. She has been charged with hate crime or bias intimidation

                            Elizabeta Trzeciak: Drunken NJ 'Karen', 46, screams N-word at hotel clerk in viral video
Screenshots from the video show Elizabeta M Trzeciak behaving aggressively (Instagram/ royal_serenity_nj)

MOUNT LAUREL, NEW JERSEY: A woman was caught on video attacking and hurling racial slurs at a Black hotel worker. The incident reportedly happened on Monday, July 19, at a Super 8 hotel in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

The woman in the viral video has reportedly been identified as 46-year-old Elizabeta Trzeciak and it has been said that she is now facing criminal charges after the victim recorded her and gave the clip to police. Police said that Trzeciak was staying at a nearby hotel, but went inside Super 8 while in a drunken state. The video of the incident shared on Instagram showed the accused walking toward the reception area while repeatedly addressing the unnamed staffer as the Black man.


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Trzeciak was also heard repeatedly saying, “Black man, give me a call Black man.” She also offered him $300 so that he could give her a call. “No one fucking wants to look at you,” she yelled before saying, “You know what your name is?” and then replied with the N-word. She also lifted the items from the front desk and threw them toward him. At the end of the video, Trzeciak was seen leaving the premises while screaming, “Good luck, idiot.”



The footage received a lot of flak from the people calling out the woman. A user posted in the comment section, “These people are really pressed. Time to start euthanasia treatments on these sick animals.” The second user wrote, “Drunken Karen need a reality check frfr.” “Wow this is crazy an the person who actually took this video and had to deal with this disrespect did not deserve any of this I’m about to call an check on my friend now smh,” a user added.

On Instagram, the clip has been shared by royal_serenity_nj with a caption that read, “This happened in Mt. laurel the other day! She was talking to my little brother who handled this wayyyy better than I ever could! BUT… we need to find this lady because this is NOT OKAY! Help us find her. #SHARE.” Later, the same social media account posted that police were on the way to “pick her up”. It also added, “Justice WILL be served! & we won’t stop until they know better! Thank you everybody that helped out y’all are amazing!”

The Mount Laurel Police Department also released a statement on their Facebook page. It read, “On Monday, July 19, 2021, just after midnight Mount Laurel Patrol Officers were dispatched to the Super 8 hotel on Fellowship Road for a report of a disorderly female in the lobby. Arriving officers located the intoxicated woman in the hotel parking lot. She was identified as Elizabeta M Trzeciak, age 46, of South River, NJ. Officers determined that she was staying at another nearby hotel and she was turned over to a family member. Several hours later a video depicting Ms. Tzreciak’s behavior was turned over to the police. The video and its content were not provided or mentioned during the initial investigation.”


The statement continued, “The video showed Ms. Trzeciak verbally berating the front desk clerk using profanity and racial slurs. She is also seen knocking items off of the front desk and throwing them at the victim,” before adding that Trzeciak has been pressed with bias intimidation, assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct charges because “The New Jersey criminal code does not have a listed offense titled hate crime.  In New Jersey, we charge crimes like this under 2C:16-1 Bias Intimidation.  In other words, a hate crime in New Jersey is called Bias Intimidation.”