Wonho 'Blue Letter': 'Blue' MV sees K-pop star redefine high school love tropes

Wonho shows off his youthful side as a popular high school jock searching for his true love in 'Blue' music video

                            Wonho 'Blue Letter': 'Blue' MV sees K-pop star redefine high school love tropes
Wonho in 'Blue' (Wonho/YouTube)

Wonho’s third EP ‘Blue Letter’ was announced with much pomp as he deleted all of his Instagram posts to reveal a new side to him for the comeback. And he has succeeded with the sporty music video for the title track ‘Blue’. While his first two EPs were about heartbreak and past love, Wonho creates a storyline-heavy music video where he is the popular high-school jock and fans absolutely loved it.

To date, Wonho has experimented in all kinds of song genres and music video concepts but this is the first time that he has incorporated the tropes of a high-school rom-com for the ‘Blue’ music video. Fans also noticed how he has been cleverly weaving the color blue into his music from his debut EP ‘Love Synonym #1’ to the title track ‘Blue’ and the blue-themed concept photos in this comeback.


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Wonho in 'Blue' (Wonho/YouTube)

Wonho drops high-school themed music video

‘Blue Letter’ is a relatable album as Wonho shares a hopeful message for those who are struggling in the global pandemic. He compares the isolation one experiences due to the lockdown with that of a blue wave as he shows a sincere side to him. And while the ‘Love Synonym’ EPs were emotional but sensual, Wonho takes a different route with this comeback. The title track ‘Blue’ is meant to have a slice-of-life type of music video that makes one forget their worries and just enjoy the music.

‘Blue’ is an upbeat dance-pop song full of heavy bass and drums as Wonho weaves a story of him as the popular high school jock in the music video. He sings about having fun and dancing with a loved one. Quite different from the painful love in his previous albums, 'Blue' is about youthful love and shining together in reality and sharing each other's dreams. The music video is quite different from his performance-centric music videos as he replaces his dark sultry side with a refreshing high-teen concept with vibrant college parties and finding his first love.

Wonho in 'Blue' (Wonho/YouTube)

In a VLive full of spoilers, days before Blue Letter’s release, Wonho mentioned that he worked hard on making ‘Blue’ a fun song that one could even enjoy without watching the music video or performance. The English track ‘No Text No Call’ is the one he is attached to the most in this album and even though he started on it first, he finished working on it last. ‘Blue Letter’ also happens to be Wonho’s first album where he has worked in the production of all the tracks.

This decision was made because he wanted to tell his story frankly. He also shared a little bit of trivia that ‘24/7’ had originally meant to be a Christmas song. But as he reworked it, he ended up adding it to the album. He added that the ‘Blue’ music video took him the longest to film since he wanted to show a different side from his usual music videos. ‘Blue Letter’ is a dynamic album as Wonho experiments with different genres like classic pop, ballads and R&B with rap verses that pleasantly surprised many.

Watch the music video for ‘Blue’ below.


'So wholesome'

Wenees absolutely loved ‘Blue’ as they trended #Wonho_BlueLetter with posts like, “The way i wanna see this smile every day,” “OMFG I CAN'T BREATHE THE MV IS SOO WHOLESOME ITS SOO BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD!!!! WONHOOOOOOOO!!!” and “IM SO WHIP FOR THIS WONHO, THE HAIR, STYLE AND EVERYTHING ITS JUST EVERYTHING!!” “WONHO DID WHAT HE HAS TO DO, BLUE WAS SO GOOD AND CATCHY AND THE MV WAS SO FUN,” said another. One fan noticed that Wonho had also included the song that he had made for Wenees, "Everything WENEED" while holding a TROPHY . I AM CRYING BLOOD."






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