GOT7's Marvel line has Ahgases thrilled as Mark Tuan lends voice for Shang-Chi

GOT7's Marvel line has Ahgases thrilled as Mark Tuan lends voice for Shang-Chi
Mark Tuan sings an OST for 'Shang-Chi' (@shangchi/Instagram, Rich Fury/Getty Images)

GOT7’s Mark Tuan has been on a roll ever since 2021 began. And August is no different. We were graced with behind-the-scenes pictures of him probably filming a music video which has got fans excited as it seems that his solo debut is now closer than ever. He was also seen modeling for an LA-based creative photographer, as well as for Celine in GQ China. We then last saw him on the red carpet for Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ LA premiere.

Local Ahgases were pleasantly surprised as they spied Mark Tuan walking the red carpet for ‘Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings’. He was wearing a powdered blue Stella McCartney suit as he stopped to greet fans and take selfies with them. At first, many believed that he was invited by Andy Le, his martial arts coach who plays a villain in the film. But it seems that he also has an OST in the film.


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Mark sings an OST for ‘Shang-Chi’

On August 24, the list of original soundtracks of ‘Shang-Chi’ was released. While Ahgases were searching for Jackson’s name they found someone else’s. Turns out, Mark Tuan has collaborated with rapper and singer BIBI to sing the OST ‘Never Gonna Come Down’. And while Marvel fans who watched the premiere updated it on their database, Ahgases had no clue which is why the news shocked stan Twitter.

It should be noted that Mark had captioned his Instagram posts of the premiere with ‘NGCD’ which is an acronym for ‘Never Gonna Come Down’. However, no one caught on. Fans are also impressed that his very first film OST happens to be for a Marvel film. Well, along with him, we also had his GOT7 member, Jackson Wang lending his voice for an OST in ‘Shang-Chi’.

Mark and Jackson for Sure Magazine (@GOT7Official/Facebook)

And now Ahgases are boasting because we have a ‘Marvel line’ amongst GOT7. We first saw the involvement of the K-pop group in the film when Jackson’s voice was heard in the OST that was playing in the very first trailer of ‘Shang-Chi’. Due to his distinctive raspy voice, fans immediately knew it was him. It didn’t help that verified accounts also tagged his label in the trailer. Unfortunately, we might not be getting a release for his OST.


The Marvel comics that ‘Shang-Chi’ is based on have some stereotypical and negative connotations and many Chinese fans believe that no amount of revision will save the film. Even the Chinese government that has strict censorship rules has not yet decided whether they will allow the film to be released. And with Jackson being a Chinese citizen, his name and the OST have supposedly been temporarily dissociated with the film.

'So sneaky'

However, Ahgases have not let that news dampen their spirits as they celebrated Mark Tuan and boasted about GOT7’s ‘Marvel line’ on Twitter. One fan used a 'Hard Carry' meme to comment on Mark's sneaky spoiler, “Ahgases to Mark after knowing his Marvel Ost: you are so sneaky.” Another added, “First movie soundtrack and it’s already for a Marvel movie? Mark Tuan.” Many were excited as this Marvel collaboration is also featuring BIBI, “Mark and BIBI? MARK TUAN AND BIBI?????!!!? ON ONE SONG????” One finally realised what Mark’s ‘NGCD’ caption meant, “OMG GOOD MORNING TO MARK TUAN SINGING A MARVEL SOUNDTRACK so ngcd meant never gonna come down?” Another asked, “DUDE HOW DOES MARVEL FANS KNEW THIS BEFORE US??!!”






Ahgases also hyped up Mark and Jackson with tweets like, “MARK TUAN AND JACKSON WANG ON THE MARVEL SHANG-CHI SOUNDTRACK. I LOVE SUCESSFUL MEN!!” and, “So you're telling me that both jackson and mark will be doing OSTs for #ShangChi ?  talk abt got7's marvel line.” They also flexed that they had so many ‘lines’ in GOT7, “Got7 has a Netflix line, a CEO line, a Forbes line, and now a Marvel line too?!?!?! Ahgases be celebrating everyday huh.” Some were mad that we didn’t technically get both of their OSTs together yet, “We could have had jackson AND mark on the shang chi soundtrack.”






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