GOT7’s Mark Tuan attends Marvel’s ‘Shang Chi’ LA premiere, Ahgases rave about red carpet style

Mark Tuan is trending as Twitter finds an unfamiliar face on the red carpet for Marvel’s ‘Shang Chi’ in LA and Aghases drool over his fashion sense

                            GOT7’s Mark Tuan attends Marvel’s ‘Shang Chi’ LA premiere, Ahgases rave about red carpet style
Mark Tuan walks the red carpet at Disney's premiere of 'Shang-Chi' in LA (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Mark Tuan has been as busy as a bee ever since his departure from JYPE. Back in January GOT7 decided they would not re-sign with JYP Entertainment after ending their seven-year contract with the company. Mark was finally allowed to leave Seoul, South Korea so he could go back to his family home in LA after ten years. The reason behind him not being able to go to LA in such a long time is unknown but fans suspected that it had something to do with the way the agency had worded his contract with them.

Ahgases never got to see much of Mark when he was with JYP Entertainment. Most of the other members participated in solo activities, brand endorsements, acting, or modeling activities. But other than participating in group activities, fans were never able to see Mark because JYP supposedly turned down modeling and acting opportunities for Mark with the reason for it being their ‘busy schedule’.


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Mark Tuan wearing a powder blue Stella McCartney suit, Celine shoes flaunting his bule nail paint. (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Mark is a free bird in LA

It was speculated that Mark was never used up to his full potential when he was with JYPE. As soon as the boys decided against re-signing with the label, Mark started his own YouTube channel and amassed 1 million subscribers in a day without even uploading any video. Fans were ready to see him embark on a new journey where he would finally be able to get the recognition he deserves.

When he got to LA, Mark released his first solo with Sanjoy Deb in February of 2021 titled, ‘One in a Million.’ He was also the executive producer for GOT7’s first group release, ‘Encore’ after their contracts had expired. Soon after that, Mark signed with the LA agency, ‘Creative Artists Agency. In June we saw Mark doing a whole lot when he became the ambassador for Sisley's Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream also while making it to the cover of L'Officiel Philippines alongside model, Winnie Harlow, as well as a collaboration with Anessa for a limited edition Artist Box, becoming the first artist to do so. Since then he has also been photographed by Amy Lee for a photoshoot early in August 2021 and was seen breaking gender norms as he donned a skirt while modeling for Celine in the latest issue of GQ China.

Fans are excited as Mark gets the fame he deserves. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Mark attends the ‘Shang Chi’ LA premiere

This is just the beginning for Mark as he keeps giving fans more and more to talk about. On August 17, Mark was photographed on the red carpet for Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings’ premiere that seems to have broken the Internet again. Mark was seen wearing a powder blue Stella McCartney suit. He looked dapper as he was seen with his hair down covering his forehead. Fans also noticed that he looked rather tired and joked that he probably spent the night playing video games.

Mark was also seen wearing blue nail paint in the photo which has made fans happier than usual because who doesn't love a ‘woke’ idol. We know how K-pop always tries to break gender stereotypes by taking agency (that defines gender) away from commodities like clothes, make-up, accessories and giving it back to individuals. Mark is seen breaking gender norms left and right as he models wearing a skirt and is seen wearing nail paint and accessories on his ears and body.


Fans have lost their calm

Getty Images posted official images of Mark on Twitter and a page dedicated to Marvel Updates posted the photo of Mark at the Red Carpet on Twitter. As soon as the photos got posted all the Ahgases rushed to the comments section. Marvel Updates account holder had to request the fans to calm down as they said, “Mark Tuan fans SLOW DOWN! Yall is tearing up the notifications.” A fan responded to the locals who started getting curious about Mark saying, “For people asking hi this is MARK TUAN he is the main visual and lead rapper of a kpop boy group named GOT7. you're welcome.”







Another fan pointed at the fact that even though Mark looked phenomenal, he looked a little tired and joked saying, “Mark be looking expensive but why does he look like he hasn't slept all night coz he was busy playing pubg.” While another fan pointed at the interaction Mark has with his fans saying, “Mark tuan’s always kind and attentive to his fans ilysm my loml” because he was seen taking photos with Ahgases.






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