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GOT7’s Jay B dances in the clouds in ‘B.T.W’ video from solo debut album ‘Somo Fume’

GOT7's Jay B releases his solo debut album 'Somo:Fume' and a fun music video for one of the title tracks 'B.T.W'
Jay B in 'B.T.W' (H1GHER MUSIC/YouTube)
Jay B in 'B.T.W' (H1GHER MUSIC/YouTube)

Looks like GOT7’s leader Jay B was waiting for his members to all settle down after they left JYPE. And now that they have, he is the last person to sign with a new agency and go solo. The oldest member, Mark Tuan, was the first member to drop a solo single, ‘One In A Million’, after the group left their old label. The latest member was Jinyoung who released ‘Dive’ amidst his busy acting schedule.

Jay B signed with Jay Park’s label H1GHER MUSIC and dropped the pre-released single ‘Switch It Up’ on May 14. It was later revealed that it was a part of his first solo mini-album ‘Somo:Fume’. The album was released on August 26 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). Consisting of five b-sides and two title tracks, the mini-album was received with much pomp as Ahgases have missed Jay B. He also dropped a music video for the first title track ‘B.T.W’ featuring Jay Park.


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Jay B in 'B.T.W' (H1GHER MUSIC/YouTube)

Jay B's 'B.T.W' music video 

While Jay B has made intense dance tracks for GOT7, he has a soft spot for R&B and lo-fi songs as visible from the songs in ‘Somo:Fume’. ‘B.T.W’ is a laidback R&B-pop song produced by long-time collaborator Cha Cha Malone. The music video is equally chill as we see Jay B enjoying a house party and a plane ride with Jay Park. We also see a car pulling a house through the freeway as he sings from on top of it.

Jay B in 'B.T.W' (H1GHER MUSIC/YouTube)

Jay B doesn’t forget his idol roots as he also includes a fun choreography. Known for his b-boy moves, he also added a hand spin which fans loved. We also got a performance video as he performed the song alongside Jay Park for Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’. Ahgases also wondered whether we will be getting a music video for the second title track ‘Fame’. The album is a dynamic collaborative project as Jay B teamed up with the likes of GRAY, Mamamoo’s Wheein, JUNNY and GroovyRoom.

Jay B and Jay Park in 'B.T.W' (H1GHER MUSIC/YouTube)

Thirty minutes before the release of the album, Jay B came on Instagram live. Jay Park was in the comments as he tried to join the live. We also saw a glimpse of Jmin as he came to visit. Jay B went live thrice due to network issues and then ended up joining Jay Park’s live. When he was asked which songs were his favorite, Jay B said ‘In To You’, ‘Fame’ and ‘B.T.W’. Jay also asked if the other GOT7 members had heard the album, to which Jay B replied that Jinyoung had heard and loved it. One fan also noticed a comment on the live, “Help!!! jay b commented "hi" on his own ig live hahshshshs what a cutie.”


Watch the music video for ‘B.T.W’ below.


'All eyes on Jay B'

Ahgases ended up trending several phrases like ‘SOMOFUME out now’, #BTW_JAYBisHereNow and #JAYB_SOMOFUME_DDAY. One fan tweeted, “Jayb had no reason to come out with an album as good as SOMO:FUME. "Am Pm", "Fame" and "Count on me" have been on REPEAT!! no skip album if I may say so myself.” Some also hyped up his dance moves, “ALL EYES ON JAY B,” “NEXT DANCE TREND ALERT.” They also couldn’t get over his visuals, “Now this is just too attractive,” “IM GONNA FAINT JAY B LOOKS AND SOUNDS SO GOOD.”