Jackson Wang 'PanThePack': Here are the 3 artists who joined GOT7 star's new project

PanThePack will be a collaborative project with Jackson Wang and three other Chinese artists

                            Jackson Wang 'PanThePack': Here are the 3 artists who joined GOT7 star's new project
Jackson Wang, J Sheon, Karencici and ICE join the Team Wang project 'Pan The Pack' (@ellesingapore/Instagram)

Jackson Wang had started his solo projects way before other members of his group did. Fans of GOT7 are now seeing back-to-back solo projects from almost all members of the group while the group’s sunshine, Youngjae, remains the only member who has not released new music in 2021. Jackson stunned fans with his latest release, ‘Drive You Home’, and showed his actor persona while he performed the song live in Shanghai last week.

Not only Jackson but Mark Tuan has also stunned Ahgases this week when the news broke out about his collaboration with artist Bibi as they lend their voices for Marvel’s ‘Shang Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings’ OST. Jay B, GOT7’s leader, is also set to release his first mini-album as a solo artist on August 27, 2020, at 6 PM KST (5 AM ET) which is all the more overwhelming for fans as they dearly miss the boys.


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PanThePack reveal

More good news ensues as Jackson is all set to participate in the project titled, ‘PanThePack’ where he is joined with 3 other artists. This collaboration will be under Jackson’s own label, Team Wang, and it has been in the works since or before April of 2021. Jackson revealed the names of the three artists that will join him in this project.

On August 25, Jackson made an announcement to introduce the artists who will join him in this project. American Chinese singer Karencici, Taiwanese rapper and producer J.Sheon, and Beijing-based rapper ICE are set to join Jackson for this project.



Jackson released a post on his Instagram account today where he released the upcoming project. Photos were released of the four members together as well as teaser videos. Fans of Jackson know how much he likes using Apple’s Memoji for his Instagram posts. The same can be seen for all four artists as Jackson released an image of all four of them with their customized faces in the form of memojis and a panda face in the middle with Pan The Pack written in a pink, funky font.


The meaning of ‘pan’ is innovative and ‘the pack’ is community and unity. With the project, these artists aim at pushing and promoting Chinese music on the global stage. The details about this project are yet to be revealed but what we know so far is Jackson will have a song titled 'DNA' while ICE will have a song titled, 'Transmit.' Each of the four members has a color associated to his/her name. Jackson has red, ICE has blue, Karencici has pink and J.Sheon has yellow. Titles of songs for Karencici and J.Sheon are yet to be revealed.


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