GOT7's Jackson Wang dons panda costume for PANThePack's 'Gut Feeling' music video

'Gut Feeling' is Jackson Wang's third music video as part of his PANThePack project with fellow Chinese rappers and singers

                            GOT7's Jackson Wang dons panda costume for PANThePack's 'Gut Feeling' music video
A red-haired Jackson Wang dresses up in a panda costume in the music video for PANThePack's 'Gut Feeling' (Team Wang/YouTube)

With each new day (since they quit JYP Entertainment), GOT7 members are blowing up even more than have in the past. All seven members are working hard on their solo careers be it acting or singing. Jackson Wang from China is taking over the Chinese music industry with his new quartet project under Jackson's label Team Wang titled, 'PANThePack' which features 3 other Chinese artists, Karencici, J.Seon, and ICE with Jackson Wang taking the center himself.

This project has been doing quite well as Jackson is promoting it with gusto via social media. This should not dishearten Ahgases (GOT7's fandom) as he is still making time for his members despite his extremely busy schedule. Jackson is GOT7's newest member to take part in Youngjae's 'Vibin' Challenge that started since the release of his first solo mini-album 'COLORS from Ars.'


GOT7's Jackson Wang rocks space buns in 'Buzz' music video, fans call him 'red panda'

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PANThePack 'Buzz'

The first music video from Jackson Wang's PANThePack project was released on September 9 titled, 'Buzz' on Team Wang's YouTube channel. In the video, Jackson garnered a lot of attention from fans as he had changed his hair color for the first time in very long as he rocked the 'space buns' hairstyle. This new hair color had fans smitten as they talked about it on social media. The song shows how Jackson and his pack are handle fame while a romantic robot panda goes rogue.

As part of their new project, PANThePack has released their first full-length album, 'The Pack' on September 17. The album consists of ten tracks titled, 'Buzz', 'DNA', 'Transmit', 'Gut Feeling', 'Too Many', 'Sold Out', 'Maybach', 'Pull Up', 'Wishlist' and 'Shanghai Dream.' After the release of the album, Team Wang has released the music videos for the songs 'Buzz' and 'Pull Up' so far.


PANThePack 'Gut Feeling'

On October 9, Jackson Wang and his pack came back with a new music video for the song, 'Gut Feeling'. The music video for the song saw all four members of the pack. But only Jackson looked different from his usual muscular, stylish self. In what could possibly be a first, Jackson was wearing something other than his usual tailored Fendi outfit or velvet suit. Instead, he was seen donning a fluffy panda suit.

Watch the music video here:


PANThePack or Panda Jack?

One fan said, "JACKSON WANG IN A PANDA SUIT!?!?!" Another fan said, "WANG PANDA IS THE CUTEST PANDA EVER. also I hope you didn’t wear the panda costume before you actually had to wear it for your part. Hopefully, Wang Panda was comfortable." One fan joked, "Jackson on gut feeling when he came out of the panda costume." One fan asked, "it's so cool!! how was it in the panda costume? was it hot? and is there Gut Feeling dance challenge? pls do one!!"

One fan pointed, "Jackson wang is not your typical panda he's the panthejack." One more fan said, "How can someone be so hot and cute at the same freaking time??? ❤️‍🔥 just Jackson Wang in a panda costume." Another fan pointed, "I literally screamed when Jackson took off his panda head."









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