Jackson Wang performs 'Drive You Home' live, fans say he has 'set the bar too high'

During his live performance in Shanghai, Jackson Wang shows his future potential as an actor alongside his stellar singing and rap

                            Jackson Wang performs 'Drive You Home' live, fans say he has 'set the bar too high'
Jackson Wang performs his latest single 'Drive You Home' live in Shanghai (Jackson Wang/YouTube)

Jackson Wang from China’ as GOT7’s Jackson likes to introduce himself has become one of the most successful solo acts to come forth in the past couple of years. After his bifurcation as a solo artist under his own label, Team Wang, and being a huge part of GOT7’s group activities, Jackson has amassed a large network of fans for himself due to his personality and talents. 

On July 29, Jackson released his latest English single titled, ‘Drive You Home’ which much like his other singles like, ‘Leave Me Loving You’, ‘Pretty Please’, and ‘100 Ways’ had what is now becoming characteristic of his releases, a movie like feel where he takes you on an emotional roller coaster. ‘Drive You Home’ narrates the story of how Jackson lost his lover in a tragic car accident which forced him to turn his life around.


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Jackson Wang stuns fans as he performs 'Drive You Home' (Jackson Wang/YouTube)

His Shanghai performance leaves fans stunned

On August 16, Jackson posted a live version of ‘Drive You Home’ from under a tunnel in Shanghai where he recreated the feelings from the music video. In his performance, Jackson looks like a wounded lover who is reminiscing the aftermath of a traumatic accident where he just lost his lover. He holds a mic in one hand and walks down the tunnel belting out the verses of the song which are not far from just amazing.

One can see Jackson shine as a vocalist which is more or less established as of now but this live performance brought out a different side of Jackson. As soon as he reaches the end of the song which shows the aftermath of the accident, Jackson is seen laying above the ground with his eyes closed while his face and neck have injury marks, as he sings the chorus in his raspy voice. Cars go through from under him as he floats above the street and looks into the camera asking, “So who’s gonna drive you home?”

Jackson Wang flaunting his acting skills after being a star performer, singer and rapper in the live performance of 'Drive You Home' (Jackson Wang/YouTube)

Jackson Wang is the standard

After showing his fencing skills as an Olympic level fencer, his rap and dance skills with GOT7, as a host at multiple reality shows, a singer for his solo tracks, there is barely anything Jackson cannot do. Here is what fans are saying as they trend Jackson Wang on Twitter. One fan pointed at the wordplay Jackson used in his lyrics, "Jackson Wang’s brain was too sexy to come up with “I’m 80 miles from going insane” for a track called “Drive” you home." and another said, "But no seriously can we appreciate the fact that the performance is hella lit and the same time the set is just on fire??? Jackson Wang and Team Wang never really disappoint us." Another fan plainly stated, "jackson wang the great performer he is." This fan just put the entire performance into words saying, "Setting the bar high without fail. Ladies and gentlemen, Jackson Wang."

One fan made a meme to show their emotions, "Question: Who's gonna dry your eyes when your tears fall like a rain. My Answer: Jackson Wang." and another said, "Can we talk abt Jackson Wang’s vocal." praising his skills as a vocalist. One fan said, "JACKSON WANG, THE ACTOR YOU ARE." while another urged stans of music saying, "Y’all better don’t sleep on this man cause he NEVER disappoints." another pointed, "The efferot that Jackson put into this live performance is incredible. His voice brings so much emotion."