Did Somi copy GOT7's JayB? Fans demand apology as 'XOXO' resembles 'B.T.W'

Did Somi copy GOT7's JayB? Fans demand apology as 'XOXO' resembles 'B.T.W'
GOT7's JayB's fans expressed their fury at Teddy Park who is the producer of Somi's XOXO for plagiarising from JayB's song, 'B.T.W' (H1GHR Music, The Black Label/YouTube)

We rarely hear any news that K-pop artists have copied other K-pop artists but it seems like the trend is being broken. Late in August 2021, GOT7’s Jay B or Lim Jaebeom released his first solo album under H1GHR Music. With his title track, ‘B.T.W’ for his album, ‘SOMO: Fume’ Jay B broke many records as he charted simultaneously on various iTunes charts as well as performed the show at many music shows. The song was well-received by fans and general K-pop stans alike due to its catchy chorus and lofi beats.

On October 29, Somi released her first full-length album titled, ‘XOXO’ that came soon after the release of her viral hit song, ‘Dumb Dumb’. The song was an overnight success as Somi was seen crying the woes of a heartbroken lover who has experienced her share of failed love experiences. The title track for her full-length album of the same name, ‘XOXO’ was released on all major music platforms while fans started jamming to it as the song recorded 2.6 million views within 24 hours of its release.


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Ahgases demand an apology

However, fans of GOT7 pointed out that the song, ‘XOXO’ had a pre-chorus that was extremely similar to JayB’s lead track, ‘B.T.W’ so much so that when fans overlaid both songs together to verify, the melody appeared to be almost identical. Fans of JayB asked the producer of the ‘XOXO’, Teddy Park who worked on the music as well as the arrangement of the song to apologize to JayB for discrediting his efforts as a producer.

The song, ‘B.T.W’ from JayB had its lyrics from Defsoul (JayB’s pseudonym) as well as Jay Park. The music for the song was produced by H1GHR Music’s producer, Cha Cha Malone as well as JayB and Jay Park themselves. The song was arranged by Cha Cha Malone. Fans say that JayB deserves to be credited for the making of the song as ‘B.T.W’ was released way ahead of ‘XOXO’.


Sommungchi’s defend Somi

Somi’s fans, Sommungchi’s rushed to defend the idol after the accusations. The fans pointed that Somi’s song was made ahead of the song released by JayB. They said that at the beginning of August when Somi released the song ‘Dumb Dumb’, she as well as her label, The Black Label, noted that ‘Dumb Dumb’ and ‘XOXO’ were both contestants for the lead track of Somi’s debut studio album.

The fans pointed out that Somi’s song was made and produced in its entirety back in February 2021 which was way ahead of JayB’s release. Ahgases argue that despite the reports that the song was produced or made before JayB’s single, he deserves to be credited for it because he released it before Somi’s track. Fans of JayB started talking about how the producer Teddy Park deserves to be called out for plagiarizing from JayB.


‘The tune is exactly the same’

Fans started talking about the incident as they trended #TeddyApologizetoJayB on Twitter. One fan said, “Omg... I thought that was familiar but woah... The tune is exactly the same!” to a clip from the two songs placed on after the other. One fan overlaid both songs together to show how they were exactly identical. Another said, “How dare that mf plagiarized jay b's song?”

One fan plainly stated, “I hope H1GHR MUSIC does something about it.” Another fan asked for other fans to join in saying, “Everyone are silent only when it comes to got7. i think what's happening definitely needs an explanation.” One fan said, “Oh i see now that somi song sounds like b.t.w.” One fan said, “Just because Ahgase suck at streaming doesn't mean his massive fandom ain't gonna call you out for plagiarism. You messed with the wrong guy.”













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