'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 14: Will Beth win council seat? Here's her deadly action plan

Beth has one sure shot of gaining some leverage on 'Good Girls' and that is by winning a city council seat, and she won't let anyone spoil her plans

                            'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 14: Will Beth win council seat? Here's her deadly action plan
Christina Hendricks plays Beth Boland on 'Good Girls'(NBC)

Spoilers Ahead

In the last few episodes of 'Good Girls', we found out that Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) was keen to run for city council to finally get some leverage that isn't restricted to just her charming looks and personality. But the stakes just got higher for Beth with FBI agents Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) and Dave (Jonathan Silverman) back in town. Even though they are technically on vacation, the agents are keen on putting away Rio (Manny Montana) and his councilman brother/ cousin Nick (Ignacio Serrichio) for good. Beth being on the city council can help them because she will be able to get the proof that they need that Nick is running shell companies that do a lot of work for the city.

If Beth is on the city council, she can get to see up close what are these projects that Nick is working on, projects in which Rio is also involved. The finale of 'Good Girls' is drawing near and the show will air its final episode on July 22. 


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Manny Montana and Christina Hendricks star as Beth Boland and Rio on 'Good Girls' (NBC)

So with the FBI now putting the pressure on Beth, the last thing she needs is stiff competition for the city council spot. But that's exactly what she gets from uber ambitious housewife Denise, who had also shown up in the previous episode trying to get Beth and the girls' strip club to shut down. Denise tries to play hardball with Beth, telling her essentially to not bother running for the council since Dean (Matthew Lillard) has been in prison and Beth's whole focus for her campaign ironically is stopping crime.

But clearly, Denise doesn't quite know who she is dealing with. Beth tackles the problem in typical Beth Boland style, albeit with a little help from her frenemy Agent Phoebe. She tells Beth to get Denise to drop out of the race by pretending to be her friend, just like she did with Agent Phoebe before she stole Rio's laundered money from Phoebe's room. So Beth drops by to visit Denise and while admiring her gorgeous crockery lets in Rio's henchman from one of the side doors, who then proceeds to smash the crockery in one swoop in front of a terrified Denise. Will Denise cave into Beth's scare tactics or will she choose to run irrespective?

To find out if Beth runs uncontested for city council, you can tune into the latest episode of 'Good Girls' on Thursday at 9pm on NBC.