Was Manny Montana responsible for 'Good Girls' being cancelled?

Reports also suggest Montana and Christina Hendricks don't get along

                            Was Manny Montana responsible for 'Good Girls' being cancelled?
Manny Montana stars as Rio on 'Good Girls' ([email protected])

Manny Montana's character Rio certainly knows a thing or two about money on the show 'Good Girls' from making it to laundering it. But it seems that off-screen money matters with Manny Montana could have led to 'Good Girls' being canceled much to fans' disappointment. 

It wasn't entirely a surprise when the show was canceled on NBC, especially considering several shows including 'Manifest', 'Debris' and 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' were also canceled on the network of late. However, it is interesting to note that it is reportedly Montana's refusal to take a pay cut for the series even though the other stars of the show including Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman had all reportedly agreed to take pay cuts in the larger interest of keeping the show going. 


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Hendricks and Montana have also never exactly shied away from showing that they don't exactly have the warmest working relationship. While Montana has described his relationship with Hendricks as 'very business-like', Hendricks has made it clear that some of Montana's habits such as calling her Chris gets under her skin and are downright weird in her words. Christina Hendricks in an earlier interview said, "No one in my life calls me Chris. It's not my name. I think it's totally stupid. And he's never taken the chance to realize that I hate it". Perhaps the two main draws of the show not being able to present a united front to network executives didn't help the cause of 'Good Girls' which will soon come to a rather abrupt end, even though the production team of the show hoped that they would manage at least a fifth season. 

Efforts have reportedly been made to move the series to Netflix but those have remained unfruitful at least for the moment. While 'Good Girls' did not perform well when its episodes were originally broadcast it went onto become NBC's second most-watched show on digital platforms. At the moment it is unclear if the show will get a second lease of life on any other platform. Till then you can catch the final 5 episodes of 'Good Girls' every Thursday until the two-hour series finale on July 22 on NBC.