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'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 10: Dean and Rio face off as Beth enters money laundering business

Rio now seems to want to take his money laundering activities to an international level
Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman in 'Good Girls' (Twitter@NBCGoodGirls)
Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman in 'Good Girls' (Twitter@NBCGoodGirls)

'Good Girls' returns with its summer premiere on June 24 and just to get fans up to speed, in the last episode of 'Good Girls' before the show went on break, we saw that Rio (Manny Montana) left a beautifully wrapped present on Beth Boland's (Christina Hendricks) doorstep, inside the 'gift' are currency notes with the Queen of England on it, which seems to make it pretty clear that Rio now wants to take his money laundering business international. 

This means Beth and Dean's (Matthew Lillard) plans for a new lease on life under the FBI's protection have largely disappeared. Not surprisingly Dean is furious at the turn of events and confronts Rio and tells him that he is not supposed to be around. Rio with his tongue firmly in cheek says "Neither are you". It seems that Dean and Beth's dreams of a new lease on life by entering a witness protection deal with the FBI, went up in smoke, when Beth stole Rio's laundered money that the police had confiscated, from Agent Phoebe's (Lauren Lapkus) hotel room.


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Good Girls stars Mae Whitman , Retta and Christina Hendricks (NBC)

Since it's just a matter of time before Agent Phoebe finds out that the notes are missing from her room and connects the disappearance to Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) will Beth be long gone on an international assignment with Rio? Fans however seem to think that it is time they saw less of Dean in any case. One fan on YouTube says, "I’m just annoyed at this point. Can we please have less Dean and his dumb pyramid scheme buds and more Rio??!"

While fans seem to be done with the whole Dean Rio and Beth triangle, they are interested in finding out what happens in the dynamics of another trio, Beth, Rio and his cousin Mick (Carlos Aviles). One fan on YouTube says, "I think Nick's going to try and sleep with Beth to hurt Rio & to get her to accept understand he's the boss not Rio."

After all Mick and Rio came to blows over Beth and the murder of Lucy in the last episode, which means that Beth may have to watch her back against Mick as well. What do all these new dynamics mean for Beth and the girls as they have made powerful new enemies with the FBI and Mick? Also what does the return of Rio mean for Dean and Beth's marriage? \

To find out more you can tune into the summer premiere of 'Good Girls' on June 24 on ABC. Catch the trailer below.