Why was 'Good Girls' canceled after Season 4? Fans start petition to save NBC show

Why was 'Good Girls' canceled after Season 4? Fans start petition to save NBC show
Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

Good Girls’ fans were left shocked when they got to know that NBC has decided to end the series with Season 4. The network took the decision of canceling the series after its efforts to move the series to Netflix did not go as planned. The cancelation also means that the series won’t be returning to the streaming platform for another season.

Fans are in distress after realizing that the season finale on July 22 will now act as a series finale. ‘Good Girls’ tells the story of Beth (Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman) as suburban moms who get tired of trying to make ends meet and decide it’s time to stick up for themselves by robbing the local grocery store. However, their lives turn upside down when the owner of the grocery store sees one of them. The trio does anything and everything to get away from the chaos, but they soon realize that it is not going to be that easy.


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The series starring Christina Hendricks in the lead role will not be shopped elsewhere by Universal Television. It comes as a surprise that the deal with Netflix did not turn out to be successful because the show topped the streaming platform’s ratings earlier this year. 

Christina Hendricks as Beth in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

Why was 'Good Girls' canceled?

Another reason for the cancelation of the show might be low ratings. The mid-season premiere of ‘Good Girls’ averaged approximately 1.5 million total viewers and a 0.34 demo rating. The numbers were down by 18% from its Season 3 count. It is worth noting that out of all the 14 drama shows that NBC aired this season, it ranks at the second last position in the demo and at the very bottom in total audience.

Season 4 is currently averaging a 0.34 rating. The rating put ‘Good Girls’ as the 19th most-watched scripted show on NBC. On the surface, it doesn’t look so bad for ‘Good Girls’, but NBC has already canceled ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’, ‘Debris’ for poor ratings even when they were high on the rating chart. So, it was inevitable that the network was looking to do the same with ‘Good Girls’.

Fans start a petition to save ‘Good Girls’

Fans did not waste any time after the cancellation of the show and flooded social media with requests to reviving the show for another season. They even started a petition on Change.org to save the show. Titled ‘Save Good Girls’, the petition urges NBC to give a final season to the show.

A still from 'Save Good Girls' petition on Change.org (Screenshot/Change.org)

The description of the petitions reads, “NBC just announced that they have decided not to renew Good Girls for a fifth season. Despite the success, Good Girls has on the platform, Netflix has also announced that they will not be picking Good Girls up. Good Girls was awarded Nielsen’s number one streamed show with over 1 Billion minutes watched. In 2021, Good Girls was announced to be the first non-Netflix show of the year to be in Netflix’s “Number One” spot.”

Katlyn Mendoza, the user who started the petition, also stated that the show has managed to capture the “hearts of millions of fans” and the fandom, along with the cast and crew, deserves a final hurrah with one last season. While writing the story, more than 971 people have signed the petition to save the series.

‘Good Girl’ returns to NBC with the season’s 12th episode on July 1 while the series finale will be aired on July 22. 

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