'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 9: What 'gift' does Rio get for Beth? Here's what he does with laundered money

'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 9: What 'gift' does Rio get for Beth? Here's what he does with laundered money
Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana star as Beth and Rio in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

In the latest episode, we see Beth (Christina Hendricks) being her ultimate charming self and managing to get Agent Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) to drop her guard so that she can get Rio's (Manny Montana) laundered money out of her hotel room. When Beth and Rio meet, Rio asks her how did you get it. To which Beth says by "being myself". Beth asks him what are you going to buy? He then sarcastically says he's going to buy a present for her.

When Rio meets Beth, he has bruises all over his face. Beth asks him how he's got the battle scars, to which he replies "by being himself". He doesn't tell her how his cousin Mick (Carlos Aviles) assaulted him after a police officer starts to piece together the connection between Mick and Rio. It is the same police officer who interrogated Rio after graphic designer Lucy's murder.


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Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana star in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

Carlos Aviles and Christina Hendricks star in 'Good Girls' (NBC)During the interrogation, the police officer finds VIP MMA tickets on Rio. When the cop asks Rio how he managed to get hold of the tickets, Rio says he pulled in a favour. When Agent Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) goes to collect the paperwork to close Rio's case at the police station, the same police officer who is on duty asks her why they are closing the case. It's then that he starts to piece together that Rio must have friends in high places and when he sees that Mick has connections with the MMA, he decides to confront Mick. The cop then pays a visit to Mick while he's having his breakfast at a diner and drops threatening hints that he is onto the connection between Mick and Rio. The threats obviously rattle Mick and he then assaults Rio for putting the cop's radar onto him.

After being assaulted by Mick, looks like Rio is looking for an opportunity to get out of his cousin's grip. Shortly after Beth and Rio meet, Beth finds a beautifully wrapped present on her doorstep, just as Rio had promised. She opens it with the girls to find more money inside. Ruby asks Beth if that is George Washington on the money. Beth replies it's the Queen of England and Beth and Ruby exchange incredulous looks. So what does this new stash of cash mean? Does Rio have plans across the pond now? Will the girls now be involved in international crime?

Well, considering this episode is the spring finale of 'Good Girls', fans may have to wait a while to find out. That is of course if the show is renewed for another season.

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