Ateez songs played at Tokyo Olympics, proud Atinys call K-pop group '4th generation leaders'

Ateez songs played at Tokyo Olympics, proud Atinys call K-pop group '4th generation leaders'
Ateez songs were played at Tokyo Olympics (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

Olympics is one event that even people who aren't too keen on sports are interested in as they root for their country or favorite players. Tokyo Olympics 2020 proceeded smoothly despite the global pandemic and now the major sporting event is making waves among K-pop fans.

Previously, groups like EXO performed at the Winter Olympics 2018. However, due to the strict guidelines as a result of Covid-19, there won’t be any performances this year in Tokyo, but South Korea’s cheering squad has put together a virtual concert with at least 10 K-pop groups and artists to perform and support the South Korean athletes at the Olympics. We also saw athletes who are fans of BTS and TWICE show their love for K-pop at the games. Additionally, Atinys were pleasantly surprised when Ateez was featured.


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Ateez as part of the Olympics DJ setlist

On day five of the Olympics, Atinys who were watching the events were pleasantly surprised when they heard some familiar songs in the background. It was during the volleyball game on July 28 when Ateez’s song ‘Dreamers’ started to play in the background. As it happens to be Ateez’s latest Japanese single, fans were happy that it was part of the setlist for the event. Turns out that the DJ in charge of the setlist, DJ Stari had also used ‘Dreamers’ in one of his previous Instagram Stories.

However, there was more. During the first volleyball match between Canada and Iran, Ateez’s latest Korean single ‘Fireworks’ started playing. Atinys were absolutely stunned. Then during the second match between USA and Tunisia, the DJ played Ateez’s ‘Wonderland’. At this point, fans started wondering whether DJ Stari was an Atiny himself. And finally, he played the summer bop ‘Wave’, which got Ateez their first music show win.

Ateez immediately started trending at #1 on South Korean platforms such as Genie and MelOn’s real-time search. Their fierce ‘Kingdom’ finale song, ‘The Real’ too topped the trends as people wondered if that would be played next. Along with that, the Japanese track ‘Dreamers' too made it to South Korean charts’ real-time search, as well as climbed the iTunes charts all over the world.

'Look how far these babies have come now'

Having debuted in 2018, Ateez is part of the fourth-gen of K-pop. However, this achievement feels extra special to fans since they are the first fourth-generation boy group to have several of their songs featured during the Olympics. Fans took to Twitter to trend '#OLYMPICS_LOVES_ATEEZ' and ‘Congratulations Ateez’ to hype up this triumph. One Atiny tweeted, “Fireworks olympic debut we love to see it.” Another tweeted, “Olympics play "The Leaders" and "The Real" next...dont be shy.” One tweeted, “THEY ALSO PLAYED WAVE OH MY GOD!!! ATEEZ OLYMPICS DOMINATION SKSKSKSK.” One said, "ATEEZ 4th Generation leaders CONGRATULATIONS ATEEZ #OLYMPICS_LOVES_ATEEZ@ATEEZofficial #ATEEZ." Another tweeted, “Petition for the djs to might as well play ateez’s entire discography at this point ahhh but no really, look how far these babies have come now.” One tweeted, “NO WAY THEY PLAYED WONDERLAND TOO OMG THANK YOU.” Another tweeted, “WAKING UP TO FIREWORKS AND DREAMERS BEING PLAYED AT THE OLYMPICS ?!? KINGS ONLY.”








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