Is Naeun joining YG Entertainment? Singer to remain in Apink despite not renewing contract with Play M

YG Entertainment said 'we are discussing positively'

                            Is Naeun joining YG Entertainment? Singer to remain in Apink despite not renewing contract with Play M
Apink Naeun may join YG Entertainment as she leaves Play M after 10 years (Naeun/Instagram)

Apink Naeun will not officially renew her contract with Play M Entertainment anymore, the label for the K-pop band but reports suggest that the singer will still continue her band activities. Apink will remain as a six-member girl group and promote their albums the group ventures on for their 10th-anniversary comeback.

Naeun, the South Korean singer and actress, joined Apink as the very first member of the K-pop group in 2011. She debuted by performing 'I Don't Know' and 'Wishlist', two tracks from their debut EP 'Seven Springs of Apink' on Mnet's 'M Countdown.' The singer is reportedly considering joining YG Entertainment next, a report suggested. YG Entertainment confirmed the news later adding, "we are discussing positively."


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Is Naeun joining YG Entertainment?

Naeun may join YG Entertainment, a Korean media report suggested. According to a close source,  "Son Na-eun has not recently signed a renewal with Apink's agency Play M. She has been talking with YG Entertainment from the beginning of this month." The report adds a statement from Play M which says, "Apink Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Kim Nam-ju, and Oh Ha-young renewed their contract while Son Na-eun came to the free agency market, but all six members decided to continue their future activities separately as Apink. Unfortunately, Son Na-eun could not be with us, but since all six members have the same affection for the team, we want to maintain a positive and cooperative relationship."


Why didn't Apink Naeun renew her contract?

While there is no official explanation on why Apink's Naeun not renewing her contract, fans have welcomed the decision saying that she deserves to make the choices that would fit her best. The singer has spent 10 years with Play M Entertainment and now may reportedly join YG as her next venture. Some fans are also skeptical about her joining YG as a fan wrote, "idk why naeun would choose yg.... i wish her the best of luck in that shithole!" Another excited fan commented, "WDYM NAEUN SIGNED WITH YG?? DOES THIS MEAN WE HAVE A BIGGER CHANCE OF SEEING NAEUN AND JENNIE TOGETHER?? 2ND GEN 3RD GEN IT GIRLS PLEASE!"



'She left the company, not Apink'

Fans have also come to clarify how Naeun leaving does not mean that she is disbanding from the group. A fan wrote, "omg people Naeun did not renew her contract with Playm. It means she left Playm. Not Apink. She is still a member of Apink but left the company." Another noted, "Apink remains 6 members even though Naeun has not renewed her contract. Apink is also preparing their full album to mark their 10th Anniversary. I really trust Apink!"



Along with her successful tenure in K-pop, Naeun has gained attention with various K-dramas, including MBC's 'Dinner Mate', 'The Most Beautiful Goodbye' and more. She will be next seen in the upcoming K-drama, 'No Longer Human.'

Here's a must-watch stage performance of Naeun to celebrate her 10 years with Apink.