Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon spills the beans about mysterious August comeback with new single

After Taeyeon, Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon to come back as DJ HYO with a new single set to release in August

                            Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon spills the beans about mysterious August comeback with new single
Hyoyeon talks about her August comeback and how it'll be different from most summer bops (@hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram)

Looks like it’s Girls’ Generation’s time. After their leader, Taeyeon’s solo comeback in July another member has been confirmed to release new music. Main rapper and dancer of the group, Hyoyeon is coming back as a DJ. While she debuted as an idol with Girls’ Generation back in 2007, she started her solo career as a DJ in 2018. Under the name DJ HYO, she released several hit songs like ‘Dessert’ and ‘Badster’.

Hyoyeon happens to be the latest idol to join the summer rush by announcing an August comeback. A news agency tallied all of the comeback news and declared that there are approximately 16 major comebacks and debuts for August 2021. Some of the artists happen to be Sunmi, Blackpink’s Lisa, Red Velvet and Stray Kids. Hyoyeon also shot for Cosmopolitan Korea and spoke to them about her upcoming music.

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Hyoyeon confirms August comeback

It has been nine months since her last single ‘Think About Me’. Since it was part of the SM Station project, it didn’t make much noise. However, the Girls’ Generation member’s second track of 2020, ‘Dessert’ was an instant hit. The electronic pop song was loved by everyone and even went viral on TikTok as fans and idols alike danced to the ‘Dessert’ challenge. As for her August 2021 single, no release date has been announced. But she got a chance to spoil it a little while being interviewed by Cosmopolitan Korea.

While we’ve seen the idol side of Hyoyeon over the years, DJ HYO is still a mystery to us. When asked to give a spoiler, Hyoyeon stated she will be using this comeback to show a new side to her. Previously, she has shown strong and intense feelings through her solo music, but it will be different this time. Taking into account the timing of the release and the summer season, she will take a different route while still maintaining the exciting and colorful vibe most summer songs have. She also hinted that it might be a heartbreaking song. She added that since this is a solo release, she had control over the concept and the genre of the song. This is why we will be able to see the true Hyoyeon through this comeback.

Hyoyeon for Cosmopolitan Korea (@cosmopolitankorea/Instagram)

The styling team considered all of these factors to create a similar summary yet new concept for Hyoyeon’s photoshoot with Cosmopolitan. They went for a bright and fun look as they dressed the K-pop idol in a bright pink coat and feathery white dress. The highlights were the toy crown prop and chunky Moschino necklace that shows the free-spirited side that Hoyeon aims to bring in her August comeback. She was photographed by Yoon Song-yi while the fashion stylist was Seo Soo-myung.

A fan tweeted, “Ok so…when are the rest of them Hyoyeon pics from the Cosmo shoot droppin cause imma need those right now.” Another tweeted, “TAEYEON returning with Weekend and now HYOYEON returning with a new single. This all happening in less than 2 months, we are dreaming!” One tweeted, “Me logging into twitter and reading about Hyoyeon’s comeback news.” Another tweeted, “My schedule for today after i saw the preview of Hyoyeon's pictorial and interview with Cosmopolitan.”