Will 2PM disband? JYPE reveals what's next for band as Chansung announces exit

Will 2PM disband? JYPE reveals what's next for band as Chansung announces exit
JYP Entertainment has revealed what would happen to 2PM members Jun. K, Nichkhun, Junho and Wooyoung after Chansung leaves the label like Taecyeon (@real_2pmstagram/Instagram)

The last month of the year still has a lot in store for fans of K-pop. The industry has been through a lot of scandals, disbandments and contract expirations this year and it seems like there is another one in store. After the sudden news of 2PM’s Chansung leaving the label, fans of the boy band were curious if he will continue promoting with the group like Taecyeon does or leave 2PM members high and dry altogether.

The boy band 2PM made its debut in the year 2008 and has been active in the industry ever since. It is also common knowledge that almost all members of the group have been active in the industry as actors. Vocalist of the group Chansung who was seen in many popular K-dramas like ‘Suspicious Partner’, ‘So I Married An Antifan’, ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ and more will be leaving the group and fans are wondering if the entire group is going to disband altogether.


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JYPE shares 2PM’s position

On December 15, Hwang Chansung of 2PM made a public announcement from his Instagram account and announced that he was beginning a new chapter of his life as he is soon to welcome a child into the world and will be marrying his fiancee soon. Chansung said that because of this, he would also leave JYP Entertainment as his contract with the label expires early next year.

This announcement has had Hottests (fans of 2PM) wondering if there exists a future for the group after the departure of Chansung. Well, JYP Entertainment just issued a statement revealing its position on the issue. After the announcement from Chansung, JYP Entertainment stated that each member of the group had signed a different contract with the label and each of them had different expiration dates.


Will 2PM disband?

While Chansung’s contract will expire soon, the other four remaining members of 2PM under JYPE — Jun. K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Junho — still have a long period remaining in the contract. Chansung leaving the label now is the same as what happened in 2018 when Ok Taecyeon left JYP Entertainment and signed with the label 51K. Now Taecton still remained a part of 2PM, promoting with the group. Fans can hope that after Chansung’s departure from JYPE, he will still remain an active part of the group’s future activities together.

In the year 2021 alone other idols like iKON’s Bobby announced the pregnancy of his girlfriend and has welcomed a baby boy since. EXO’s Chen also announced that his wife was pregnant for a second time back in November of 2021. While Actor Choi Tae Joon, who last acted as the main lead of the K-drama, ‘So I Married An Antifan’ with 2PM’s Chansung; also revealed the news of the pregnancy of his actor girlfriend, Park Shin Hye, and revealed that the actor couple was soon to be married.

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