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'Single's Inferno' star FreeZia's father accused of owning Korean 'sex salon'

FreeZia's father has been accused of being the CEO of a 'room salon,' which in South Korea provides 'adult entertainment' services
After being dragged for using counterfeit luxury goods, FreeZia, star of Netflix's dating show 'Single's Inferno,' faces accusations against her family (Netflix; free지아/YouTube)
After being dragged for using counterfeit luxury goods, FreeZia, star of Netflix's dating show 'Single's Inferno,' faces accusations against her family (Netflix; free지아/YouTube)

What started as a mild controversy in which Song Ji-ah (FreeZia) was accused of wearing fake copies of luxury brands in her social media posts has escalated into something much bigger. YouTuber and influencer FreeZia was loved by fans as well as multiple male contestants on the dating show for her beautiful features that resembled the likes of idols like Jennie from Blackpink and Wonyoung from IVE. But the 24-year-old Netflix ‘Single’s Inferno’ star is being dragged into dirt by another YouTuber called Sojang, who has accused Song Ji-ah (also known as FreeZia) of lying about the identity of her family's livelihood as it came from their involvement in adult pleasure activities.

Ji-ah, who was spotted wearing fake copies of luxury brands in many of her YouTube videos and Instagram posts, had to face immense hate since she was an influencer. At first, FreeZia chose to remain silent about the issue. But as more and more fans rose against her, FreeZia was dropped from broadcasts for shows she had already recorded episodes for, like ‘The Manager’. JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros,’ which featured the Netflix star in one of its special episodes, said they were not able to cut her out of the final edit. They recorded the lowest rating for the show in its history for that episode.


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YouTuber accuses FreeZia of lying about her background

With the rage that was brewing against her after a written apology from her label, Song Ji-ah was met with harsh reactions online. So she used her FreeZia YouTube channel to post an official video formally apologizing to fans for her past actions involving the use of fake branded products. Song Ji-ah hoped that this gesture would lead to an end of the controversy. But another YouTube video that was released in the days to follow accused FreeZia as well as her father of extremely questionable activities for money.


YouTuber Sojang started by accusing Song Ji-ah of strategizing against her fans before posting her formal apology. The YouTuber revealed that FreeZia stayed silent for almost half a month before accepting her wrongdoings and taking down her videos because she was deliberately waiting for the YouTube payout date, which is the 21st of every month. Sojang accused her of being a money-hungry celeb who had made a 'fake' and insincere apology.

The YouTuber then alleged that FreeZia’s revelations about her poor background on the Netflix show were all lies and the influencer in fact was the daughter of someone who owned an ‘adult room salon’ in South Korea. For the uninitiated, ‘adult room salons’ are similar to brothels that men visit for sexual gratification. In addition, Song Ji-ah was also accused of favoring Chinese products, which did not sit well with many Knetz (Korean netizens).


‘Leave her and her family alone!’

Fans rush to support FreeZia even as many Knetz banded together with YouTuber Sojang to bring her down. One fan said, “What is wrong with people? It is not his family fault !! She is not a baby to rule her! I really feel sad,everyday i hate our plante more and more! The hate she get is TOO MUCH!” Another fan said, “What Jia did was wrong but I would never forget how cruel y’all are to her and her family if it were some scandal made by males i know y’all won’t take it as far as this one big fat yikes.”

One more fan said, “I’m so sad. Jia literally helped me boost my self confidence. They have the right to make jia accountable for what she did but they don’t have the right to bully her and slander her family.” One more fan said, “Leave her alone. Fo0ls.” Another said, “Like they should this whole "controversy" was unnecessary.”

One fan asked, “Can they leave zia and her family alone what the hell?” One user joked, “Lol this poor girl shouldn’t have fake her life on TV….hopefully knetz will leave her alone soon.” Another said, “What the hell??? can weird people leave zia and her family alone.”