Xdinary Heroes: JYP Entertainment introduces all six members of rookie boy group

While a date of debut for the group is yet to be revealed, JYP Entertainment presents the stories of six ordinary boys and reveals their extraordinary journey with video teasers

                            Xdinary Heroes: JYP Entertainment introduces all six members of rookie boy group
JYPE reveals the names as well as the positions of the members of their new rock band, Xdinary Heroes that will follow the footsteps of Day 6 (@jypnation/Twitter)

New K-pop groups are on the verge of their debut as many agencies have announced their official groups that will soon debut to take over the rising industry. With smaller labels bringing out groups like bugAboo, NIK, and Billlie over the last few months, bigger and well-known labels are also announcing their upcoming groups that will dominate the K-pop world. As the Hallyu has already spread globally, it has become much easier for K-pop groups to rise to fame.

With new groups like aespa coming from a big label like SM Entertainment or Enhypen coming from Belift Lab, a subsidiary of HYBE labels, the rise of newer groups from bigger labels is a given. So is the case for one of the Big 3 labels in the K-pop industry, JYP Entertainment. As one of their very powerful boybands, GOT7 departed from the label in 2020, JYP Entertainment now has a rookie boy group along with their pre-debut girl group.


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With the theme of every individual being a hero, the six ordinary members of the group will share their journey through the music they make (JYP Entertainment)

JYPE reveals two new groups

The seven-member girl group JYPn from JYP Entertainment (JYPE) will take over the label alongside the current lineup of groups managed by the label like 2PM, Day6, Twice, Boy Story, Stray Kids, Itzy, and NiziU. On the other hand, JYPE has revealed the members of their rookie boy group named Xdinary Heroes that will soon make their debut as a six-member rock band in the likes of their senior labelmates, Day6.

On November 8, JYPE posted the logo of the group as well as revealed the name of their new group. It was later revealed that the name Xdinary Heroes is an abbreviation of ‘Extra Ordinary Heroes’, which reiterates the fact that the members of this group are just ordinary people leading fans to believe that ‘anyone can become a hero.’


Members of Xdinary Heroes

JYPE revealed all six members of the group using short teasers that looked like short films to introduce each member and their names as well as their stores. JYPE has followed a different way to introduce the members of their new rock band to fans as viewers are highly impacted by the teasers that narrate the characteristics and potentials of each member of the rookie group


On November 15 JYPE introduces the first member of their rookie pre-debut boy group Xdinary Heroes and member Jooyeon was introduced for the first time. The phrase “I wanna be a rock star” is plastered on the wall behind Jooyeon in the teaser video and a lot of rock band instruments are displayed in the room in which he sits. It is revealed that the 2002 born member of the group will be the Bass Guitarist of the group. Becoming the first member to take off the veil from the group, Jooyeon exuded a charismatic twist with his charming visuals and imaginary instrument playing scenes with dreams of becoming a rock star.



On November 16, JYPE introduced the second member of the group, O.de who will be the Synthesizer on the group. The 2002 born member of Xdinary Heroes appeared as a basketball player in the teaser video. In the teaser, O.de appears while dribbling alone on an empty basketball court. O.de appears as a mere spectator while he is asked to film a video of players playing on the field while the sound of shoe friction and basketball on the basketball court leads to the beat inspiring O.de to move his finger mimicking that of a playing a keyboard.



On November 17, the third member as well as the lead guitarist of the group, 2002 born Gaon was revealed to fans from his teaser. In the teaser, Gaon appeared as a part-time student at a cafe who brews coffee and makes desserts. As exhausted as he can be, Gaon appears to be sitting in a corner of the kitchen looking exhausted from cleaning hard while he plays the guitar in his imagination with the floor mop in his hand like a guitar giving fans a glimpse of his future in Xdinary Heroes.


Jun Han

Jun Han was the fourth member of Xdinary Heroes to be revealed and will appear on the group as their Rhythm Guitarist. On November 18, JYPE revealed the dramatic teaser with Jun Han showing an unrealistic scene of ‘playing the guitar’ with a suitcase bag while he unwillingly left home on a long journey, all alone to fulfill the dreams of his family. What resonated with fans was Jun Han finding himself all of a sudden and becoming so immersed in his music as his energy is transferred to the viewers.



JYPE revealed the Keyboardist of Xdinary Heroes on November 18. The 2001 born member of the group, Jungsu was introduced as a skater boy from his teaser. With his character in the teaser, Jungsu conveyed a free-spirited street sensibility while he held a broken cellphone in his hand. While he initially appeared gloomy, the clacking of keys on his broken phone chimed a rhythm that made him appear lively all of a sudden.



On November 20, the teaser for the final member and oldest member of the group, Gunil was released. The 1999 born member will be the drummer of Xdinary Heroes and unlike the usual sexy look drummers go by, Gunil appeared nerdy wearing round glasses and a large backpack as he appeared to be sitting in the corner of a library. A small noise from his surroundings turns into a cheerful beat leading him to play the imaginary drum with the pens he held in his hands.


Fans are excited to meet the six members of the rock back after having witnessed these sensually pleasing and dramatic teasers. It is expected that the group makes its debut in December of 2021 or in the beginning of the year 2022.

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