Gaon Chart 10 Year Sales: BTS becomes best selling K-pop group with 32.7M copies sold

The Gaon chart from January 2011 upto November 2021, named BTS the best selling artist overall while TWICE is the top girl group with 7.2 million albums sold

                            Gaon Chart 10 Year Sales: BTS becomes best selling K-pop group with 32.7M copies sold
BTS has sold 32 million-plus copies since their debut in 2013 while TWICE has sold 7 million-plus copies in six years, becoming the best selling girl group (@bts_bighit, @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

Making sure they 'shine with funk and soul,' BTS has decided to light 2022 up like dynamite again with another new record so early on in the year. On January 10, Gaon Chart released a decade-long summary to rate the total number of album sales recorded for K-pop groups and solo artists between the year 2011 upto 2021. According to this list, K-pop groups like BTS and TWICE are the best-selling boy and girl groups in the last decade.

According to the chart released by Gaon which summarizes the total album sales by singer, be it solo or group, K-pop artists were ranked according to their album-selling power. The particular chart released on January 10, 2022, records the sale of albums by K-pop acts who made their debut in January of 2011 upto November of 2021.


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BTS records 32 million career album sales

The K-pop group BTS made its debut in June of 2013 and has ever since established a stronghold not only over the Korean music scene but also globally. As per Gaon Chart’s list, BTS alone had recorded selling a total of 32,783,223 albums in their entire career of more than eight years. BTS has thus recorded the highest number of album sales in their entire career, becoming the most-selling artists over the last decade. Among girl groups, JYP Entertainment’s TWICE takes the top spot in terms of Album sales as per Gaon Chart with a total of 7,299,094 albums sold in their entire career. TWICE made its debut in October of 2015 and in the six years since its debut, the nine-member girl group has recorded such amazing career sales, becoming the best-selling girl group in the last decade.


Gaon Charts top soloists

While BTS and TWICE dominated the group category for Gaon Charts Decade long sales, Taeyeon recorded the highest number of album sales among female solo singers with 1,051,567 copies sold since her solo debut in 2015 while EXO’s Baekhyun recorded the highest sales among male solo singers with 2,657,711 copies sold since his solo debut in 2019. Among the four, EXO’s Baekyun recorded the fastest growth in terms of album sales as per Gaon Charts by selling over 2 million copies of his albums in a period of two years.

Gaon Charts releases their list for best selling K-pop acts over the last decade from January 2011 to November 2022 (Gaon Charts)

According to Gaon Chart, a total of 10 acts with three soloists and seven groups sold over 1 million copies of their albums over the last decade. They also reported that a total of seven acts with one solo artist and six groups sold over 2 million album copies in the last decade. They also added that a total of three K-pop groups recorded 3 million copies sold and two groups recorded 4 million album copies sold while only three groups in total sold over 10 million album copies over the last decade.

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