Is Jamie and Jae Park's friendship over? K-pop star APPALLED by ex-Day6 member's 'th*t' slur

Jimin grabbed one of the top trending spots on Twitter after she deleted her tweet but screenshots of the same soon went viral on the Internet

                            Is Jamie and Jae Park's friendship over? K-pop star APPALLED by ex-Day6 member's 'th*t' slur
Jamie and Jae Park (Photos by [email protected]/@eajpark)

Hours after Jae Park dubbing his close friend Jamie aka Jimin Park a 'th*t' in a video surfaced on the Internet, the latter took to Twitter to speak on the same quickly breaking the Internet. The two K-pop stars are known for their close friendship but the latest stunt pulled by Jae Park now might ruin the bond they share. Jimin, in her tweet, seemed stunned by Jae’s comment as she reminded him how much she always cared about him.
Jae and Jimin soon grabbed one of the top trending spots on Twitter after the latter deleted her tweet. However, it appears she got a tad late to remove her post as the screenshots of the same then went viral on the Internet. Social media users then slammed Jae Park for his rude remarks. For the uninitiated, 'th*t is a disparaging term used to 'slut-shame' an individual. As the controversy picked up the heat, Jimin then also posted about how women have to be subjected to men’s humor. Jae Park was recently in the news when he announced his departure from the K-Pop boy band Day6.
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Jamie reacts to Jae Park’s 'th*t’ remark

Expressing her emotions with close to her one million fans and followers on Twitter, Jamie first posted, “Just remembered how much I cared about you even before you were in your last company and how many times if you were alright. I prayed for you your questions were like mine, it’s really sad.” She, however, as mentioned earlier deleted the post earlier and spoke about the same in her next tweet sharing that she was fine. “I'm just deleting it, I'm okay.” This tweet came after K-pop fans thronged on Twitter to extend their undying support to the K-Pop star.
Minutes later, Jamie again shared a tweet voicing her concern towards women. She stated, “I hate that we as women have to be subjected to mens humor to appease incels on the internet period.”  Jae Park was brutally slammed by almost the entirety of K-pop Twitter after his video surfaced, where he appears to be saying, "Now that I am not in K-pop anymore, I could say this — why [is] Jamie trying to be a th*t?" Jae breaks into a burst of hysterical laughter immediately afterward, and ends the 22-second clip saying, "That's right, I said it! Tell her!" Jamie and Jae are believed to be close friends who often appear on YouTube shows and podcasts together.








‘His behavior keeps on getting worse’

K-pop fans logged into Twitter as they again dragged Jae Park on the micro-blogging site. “Jae needs to apologize, that was really mean. he hurt Jamie”, said one user as another chimed-in, “His behavior...keeps on getting worse.” Another shared, “Jamie didn't deserve any of that”, whereas, an individual said, “I'm literally suprised and disappointed at what he said tho, i understand that they're friends and all but that joke felt offensive for those who heard it so imagine what it felt for Jamie.”
The next one posted, “Jamie was pretty much offended and hurt....she already deleted her tweet but yeah she was open on how disappointed she was.” One user tweeted, “At this point I don't even know why that Jae guy thinks he still has a stable career.” Meanwhile, another added, “He really need to control his behavior sigh.” One Jamie fan asserted, “I'm sorry Jamie. It's always the women. Sad how you have to delete that and he didn't even have to think twice before saying that in front of thousands and probably will not take any action for that”, as another concluded, “I'm his fan but I'm disappointed when he says that, because I'm also a woman. you deserve better Jamie!!”




















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