'Dimension: Answer': Enhypen break 4th-gen repackage album record with 630k pre-orders

Enhypen got 930k pre-orders and 1.1 million actual sales for their previous album 'Dimension: Dilemma'

                            'Dimension: Answer': Enhypen break 4th-gen repackage album record with 630k pre-orders
Enhypen get 630k pre-orders for 'Dimension: Answer' (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)

Having announced their first repackage album, 'Dimension: Answer', in December 2021, Enhypen also launched the pre-orders for it on the same day. And since repackaged albums usually have just a couple of new songs apart from their original album tracklist, there isn’t much hype around them. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for super rookies Enhypen as they have crossed 630k pre-orders for ‘Dimension: Answer’, the repackage of 'Dimension: Dilemma'. This makes it the highest pre-ordered repackage album by a 4th-gen K-pop group.

Having debuted only in November 2020, Enhypen became the fastest and youngest K-pop group to cross 1 million sales for their first studio album, ‘Dimension: Dilemma’. The album was bound to be a million-seller since it reached 910k pre-orders. They became the first fourth-gen act to reach 500k first-day sales and crossed 800k in a week. They were the only fourth-gen act to have two albums in the top 20 of Billboard 200 at that time and also topped Hanteo, Gaon and iTunes. Enhypen is also the youngest K-pop act to get Hanteo’s ‘Initial Chodong Gold’ badge.

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Enhypen to release their first repackaged album (Enhypen/Weverse)

Enhypen cross 630k pre-orders

Enhypen was also acknowledged by Billboard and TIME’s year-end charts of 2021. Gaon Chart awarded them a million-seller badge for ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ making them the second fourth-gen act to cross this milestone. They are the fastest K-pop boy group to cross 500 million Spotify streams while ‘Border: Day One’ is the fastest debut album ever to reach 100 million streams. With a total of 2.5 million album sales, this is expected to reach 3.2 million with ‘Dimension: Answer’s pre-orders constantly rising. And with two more days left for the album to be released, Enhypen’s fans are waiting with bated breath.

‘This is so huge'

Happy Engenes celebrated by trending ‘Answer 630k pre-orders’. One fan tweeted, “A YEAR OLD GROUP DID THAT.” Another Engene posted, “3.2 million album sales in their first year of career. y’all have no idea how massive this is for a rookie group.” One fan shared, “I didnt expect so much for a repackaged album but this is not what we expected. THIS IS SO HUGE.” Another made a reaction meme, “When ENGENEs say they’re broke…”

One proud Engene commented, “Proud to be part of the 630k our boys did so well.” Another fan shared why they were celebrating, “Ik ppl wanna say sales are nothing and not as important but i'm so happy and proud bc isn't this a way to show how much we love and care ab their art and hard work? idk i'll blast everywhere enhypen are doing these numbers idc i'm so proud.” One commented, “Enhypen 4th gen hot icons.”








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