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Pennsylvania 'Karen' hoses down Black neighbor in crazy TikTok video

'She harasses us every single f**king day,' the Black woman’s daughter said in the video as the White woman sprayed water
Screenshot of the viral video that showed the White woman spraying water (Twitter/@Tim_Tweeted)
Screenshot of the viral video that showed the White woman spraying water (Twitter/@Tim_Tweeted)

A video has gone viral on the internet showing a White woman spraying water at her Black neighbor through a water hose. The video of the incident was reportedly first shared on TikTok by the Black woman’s daughter under the username @denisia_isme. That post has now been taken down but was reshared on Twitter.

According to reports, the video is from Pennsylvania that showed the unidentified Black woman washing her grill outside when the 'Karen' standing behind a Trump paraphernalia-covered fence hosed water at her. “My mom outside cleaning the grill, and this is what she does,” @denisia_isme, who took the video, can be heard saying in it. The White woman yelled from the other side while spraying the water and said, “All you wanna do is fight and run your damn f**king mouth!”


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But @denisia_isme insisted, “You’re the one who started it, though. She ain’t do nothing to you. You’re doing way too much. You want somebody to touch you. Early in the morning, and my neighbor wanna be racist.” In her video, the Black woman’s daughter also showed the lawn chairs of her White neighbor, who is also apparently a Trump supporter, and alleged how all of them were pointed towards them. “Everything is facing us. And she harasses us every single f**king day,” @denisia_isme added.


Karen was then heard telling them to “bring it”. @denisia_isme’s mother then mocked her and said, “Come on, Karen,” before adding: “Nobody wants to fight, OK?” The White woman then responded, “She wants to fight,” pointing towards @denisia_isme.

Karen's chairs placed towards Black neighbor's house (Twitter/ @Tim_Tweeted)

The video on Twitter shared by @Tim_Tweeted has garnered more than 27,000 views with a number of people slamming Karen. A user tweeted, “How much harassment are people supposed to withstand at home?  She should talk to her local government reps, and if that doesn't work she should go to the media and put a bunch of eyeballs on her neighbor's behavior. I doubt it can withstand such scrutiny. Shouldn't be like this.” The second one said, “I know no one watched/liked the show here, but that row of chairs facing the Black neighbors house reminded me of scenes from "Them" on Prime. As trauma porn and disgusting as that show was, so much was based in reality.  So much of it still goes on. Why do people put so much effort and energy into being racist? The daily effort to be so hateful and evil. So vile. I will never understand that.”





“Nah on a serious note that shit is fucked up, a lot of racists are still just fuming out and showing their true colors without any consequences and that shit aint cool,” a person noted. Another one suggested, “Keep documenting and then get the authorities involved. Consider a civil suit on top of the criminal charges the woman will be facing.” “Call the police every single time she acts like this.  Document and file a report.  Do it every time, even if the police get annoyed. Then get a no contact order,” a user added.