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Where is Lucas? WayV fans wonder why only 6 members feature in year-end merch

SM Entertainment released the 2021 year-end 'Seasons Greetings' merch for WayV, the Chinese sub-unit from NCT, without Lucas
Lucas of NCT was dropped from the 2021 Seasons Greetings material from Chinese sub-group WayV (@lucas_xx444/Instagram)
Lucas of NCT was dropped from the 2021 Seasons Greetings material from Chinese sub-group WayV (@lucas_xx444/Instagram)

As the days go by fans of NCT’s Lucas Wong miss him all the more since he was forced to go on a hiatus following gaslighting allegations from his alleged former partners. On August 25, it was announced that Lucas of WayV will go on an undefined hiatus to reflect on his past actions involving allegations by his former partners accusing him of gaslighting them. At the time, Lucas’ agency SM Entertainment had responded with an official statement after not one but four alleged victims came forward with alleged ‘proof’ of how Lucas manipulated them and cheated on each of them with the other.

Fans of Lucas did their very best to debunk the scandal as they claimed it was all a prevarication in order to defame the idol. Fans hired investigators from the Cyber Security team who exposed the identity of all the accusers and gave more information about how all four alleged victims had fabricated the accusations. Despite a stellar effort from fans, SM Entertainment did not deny or accept the allegations and they gave no other information about Lucas’ activities with his groups.


WayV Lucas on 'hiatus', SME responds with his statement after gaslighting allegations

WayV's October plans canceled after Lucas’ dating scandal and new China law


Lucas’ and WayV schedules canceled

The day on which Lucas was going to release his single, ‘Jalapeno,’ a duet with WayV member Hendery, SM Entertainment responded to the ongoing allegations about him. They also put him on an indefinite hiatus. Following that, fans also noticed that because of the scandal Lucas was embroiled in, the scheduled activities of the other WayV members was also affected. This action caused many fans to pick sides as the actions of one member caused discomfort to the six other members of the group.

With SM Entertainment being extremely silent about the situation and with all the heat from the scandal dying down, fans began to get hopeful that the issue had been resolved over the last few months. SM Entertainment has now caused a lot of chatter amongst fans who are worried if Lucas is silently being removed from NCT as well as the WayV sub-unit.


Is Lucas Out?

On November 1, SM Entertainment released the 2021 Season’s Greetings for WayV with only six members minus Lucas. Earlier in October, SM had announced the merch for NCT’s 2021 project with 22 members only. Both these events did not sit well with Lucas fans as the label did not release a statement or an explanation about the missing Lucas or his future activities as a member.

Fans started talking about the issue by trending, ‘Where is Lucas?’ on Twitter as they talked about how they felt about the situation. One fan demanded for answers as they asked, “Why Lucas is excluded from NCT merch? He's in Hiatus yh. But isn't he still in NCT ? @SMTOWNGLOBAL why the heck should he be removed from merch? Where's the investigation now?” Another fan said, “SM WHERE TF IS LUCAS??? EXPLAIN.”

One fan pointed, “Y’all be saying “why’re you asking where is lucas, don’t you know he’s on a hiatus” like bruh we need to know when he’ll be back cuz he’s gone long enough so yes. where is my boy lucas? bring him back.” Another fans said, “Where is lucas? I know lucas on hiatus, But who knows if we keep looking for lucas then SM will reduce his hiatus schedule. I'm not ready to have to wait for lucas for a year or more.”

One fan pointed, “Ik lucas is on hiatus but where is the STATEMENT?” Another said, “Where is Lucas?? He is a member of WayV. Don't act like they don't have him in the group? Why you treat him so bad?? How long will his hiatus last?” One disappointed fan said, “If nct 2021 wont include lucas then i wont buy the merch/album. i know im not a loss but as someone who became a fan bcoz of lucas, i feel really disappointed at sm.”