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'Family Karma' Season 3: Vishal Parvani's heavy drinking before his wedding leaves fans concerned

'Vishal. Stop drinking! You can do all of that after the wedding. #FamilyKarma, ' wrote a fan
'Family Karma' star Vishal Parvani (Bravo)
'Family Karma' star Vishal Parvani (Bravo)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: The 'Family Karma' gang is finally back with an all-new Season 3. The latest season of the hit Bravo show kicked off with wedding festivities of Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana. The couple decided to have a destination wedding on the picturesque shores of Mexico with their close friends and family in attendance. 

Keeping in line with the tradition of having a "big fat Indian wedding", there were numerous ceremonies and celebrations before the main event. Although the guests were busy enjoying the celebrations, the groom aka Vishal decided to take it upon himself to ensure that all the guests had a great time by resorting to heavy drinking. Even though Vishal was aware that alcohol was strictly prohibited during the various ceremonies, he used the interim between the many rituals to round up the guests and enjoy several rounds of shots and drinks. Vishal reasoned it by explaining that guests were feeding off his energy, so if he slowed down, then they would slow down as well. Unfortunately for him, nobody was in favor of his logic.


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Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana in a still from 'Family Karma' Season 3 (Bravo)
Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana in a still from 'Family Karma' Season 3 (Bravo)

Vishal's mother-in-law Lopa Aunty called him out for drinking ahead of his wedding and instructed the bartender to not give him anymore drinks. Richa too sided with her mother and urged him not to drink as she didn't want to walk down the aisle while he was hungover. In spite of everybody's requests to refrain from heavy drinking, Vishal continued to chug down alcohol. 

After watching Visha's excessive drinking and his bizarre explanation for it, many fans took to Twitter to side with Lopa Aunty is asking him to tone it down. A fan tweeted, "Vishal. Stop drinking! You can do all of that after the wedding. #FamilyKarma." "Vishal is such a child. They are asking you to stop drinking for 1 day. That isn't too much to ask #FamilyKarma," wrote a fan. "Vishal, friend, that is terrible logic LOL!!!! “If I slow down, my friends will slow down.” #FamilyKarma," pointed out a fan. 




Vishal Parvani's heavy drinking on 'Family Karma' left fans concerned (Bravo)
Vishal Parvani's heavy drinking on 'Family Karma' left fans concerned (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "He bout to be hungover at the ceremony like sir turn up but after the wedding get faded cause everything is done then! #FamilyKarma." "You don’t wanna be plastered during the ceremony. #FamilyKarma," pointed out a fan. "No but why is Vishal getting absolutely trashed on his wedding day? #FamilyKarma," wondered a fan. "You don't want to get married after a 3-day binder. Y'all gonna look like sh*t #FamilyKarma," observed a fan. "Huhhhhhh don't make me side with Lopa Vishal #FamilyKarma," expressed a fan.






'Family Karma' Season 3 airs every Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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