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Vishal Parvani 'deserves someone better' than Richa, say 'Family Karma' fans

'I want better for Vishal. Like please be with someone who respects you,' commented a fan
UPDATED JUN 17, 2021
'Family Karma' stars Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana (Bravo)
'Family Karma' stars Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana (Bravo)

Fans of 'Family Karma' may already be familiar with the longstanding tension and drama between Vishal Parvani and his girlfriend's mother Auntie Lopa. Although Vishal and his girlfriend Richa Sadana seem to be head-over-heels in love with each other, unfortunately, aunty Lopa doesn't approve of their relationship. She believes that her daughter deserves someone better than Vishal. Despite knowing aunty Lopa's feelings about their relationship, Vishal hasn't given up on their relationship and continuously made attempts to win her approval and get her validation.

He eventually managed to wear down Aunty Lopa, leading to the couple getting engaged towards the end of Season 1 of ' Family Karma'. A lot has transpired between Vishal and Richa since we last saw them. Richa reportedly ended their engagement and gave him back the ring. On the other hand, Lopa aunty moved to Miami and bought a condo there without informing Vishal about it. So, things are certainly very rocky between Richa and Vishal. But Vishal is still holding onto his hope of getting back with Richa and making their relationship work.


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In the recently aired episode of 'Family Karma', Vishal met Richa and tried to understand what was keeping them away from each other. Richa expressed her concerns about him taking her for granted and feeling like he had fallen out of love with her. The two got into an argument about Lopa aunty's involvement in their relationship when Richa told him that she had asked her not to tell Vishal about her new condo in Miami.

Vishal was hurt but he decided to confront Lopa aunty about it. During their next meeting, he sits down with Lopa aunty and tells her how he was hurt by the fact that she didn't even bother telling him about her plan of buying a condo in Miami when he works in the real-estate space. Lopa aunty defended her decision by saying that she didn't need to seek anybody's permission on how she would be spending her money. Vishal then tried smoothening things over by apologizing to Lopa aunty for letting his ego come in the way of building a relationship with her. He then promised her that he would protect Richa and take good care of her. Lopa aunty seemed to be pleased with what she heard, but fans weren't.

You can watch Vishal confronting aunty Lopa here


Several fans felt that Vishal shouldn't have to bend over backward trying to impress aunty Lopa and Richa. A fan tweeted, "Vishal deserves better than his “girl friend” and her mom! #FAMILYKARMA her mom is the biggest problem!!!!" Another fan wrote, "Risha is mean to Vishal. I hope he finds a great woman, who brings him love AND laughter. #familykarma." "I want better for Vishal. Like please be with someone who respects you #FamilyKarma," commented another fan.




Many fans advised Vishal to 'cut his losses' and leave Richa. A fan expressed, "Chile Vishal needs to cut his losses. Find someone else cuz I wouldn’t be marrying into this mess. Richa is gonna be just like her mother. #FamilyKarma." "So Lopa & Richa want to start mess and then say leave them out of it? Vishal you better run. #FamilyKarma," echoed another fan. "Isnt Vishal a Real Estate agent?Lopa bought a place and didn't consider using her daughter's fiance to buy her place? What a jerk move! Time to stop trying, Vishal #FamilyKarma," pointed out a fan.




'Family Karma' Season 2 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.