‘Family Karma’: Fans convinced that Vishal is gay and encourage him to come out of closet

Fans are wondering if Vishal's sexuality has anything to do with him delaying his marriage to Richa

                            ‘Family Karma’: Fans convinced that Vishal is gay and encourage him to come out of closet
Vishal Parvani (Bravo)

Vishal Parvani’s debut on Bravo’s latest show ‘Family Karma’ left quite an impression on the fans. While Vishal introduced himself, he revealed that he has been engaged for several years to a girl named Richa but isn’t able to take it to next level - marriage, because his family and Richa’s mother don’t share the best relationship, and Richa’s mother doesn’t approve of him.

But after watching the episode, fans think there might be more to it than what meets the eye. Vishal reveals that when his best friend Amrit Kapai came out of the closet, his first question was if even he was gay. Fans latched on to that and many other little details revealed through the course of the episode to come to the conclusion that Vishal might be gay, and began urging him to come out of the closet. A fan tweeted, “I wonder why Vishal would ask his gay friend if he's gay. He probably doubts his sexuality #FamilyKarma.”

Another fan wondered if Vishal’s hesitation to take his relationship with Richa to the next level has anything to do with his sexuality. A fan observed, “So Vishal is gay right? I mean he’s delaying marrying Richa who’s so not a girly girl and has a deep voice. And his actions & habits are very feminine #FamilyKarma.” Another fan commented, “#FamilyKarma and my thought is Vishal is gay and won’t be getting married. The fact that he asked his friend if he was also gay because his friend came out, suspicious. Just come out and live your truth!”

“Vishal gots to come out that closer sooner than later #FamilyKarma,” urged a fan.

Several fans also began advicing Richa to find another man, A fan expressed, “Ok sis... you met him dancing on a pole?? I was gonna wait one more episode to see more but nah Vishal gay hunny chile #FamilyKarma.”

Another fan shared, “Richa babygirl....Vishal ain’t it. You can’t clock it bew but we all can. And that’s all I’m gonna say.  #FamilyKarma.”

“Auntie wants her daughter to leave Vishal because he’s playing for the other team. We all see it. Rainbow flag #familykarma  #liveoutloudvishal,” tweeted a fan. “I feel bad for Richa who looks like she has spent more than 8 years with Vishal. Girl, you need to listen to your momma and find a new man.  #FamilyKarma,” advised a fan.
‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9pm ET/PT only on Bravo.

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