'Family Karma' Season 3: Release date, spoilers, plot and all about Bravo TV reality show

Season of 'Family Karma' just ended and fans are eager in knowing if there will be another season

                            'Family Karma' Season 3: Release date, spoilers, plot and all about Bravo TV reality show
the official poster of 'Family Karma' (Bravo TV)

The season finale of ‘Family Karma’ just aired on Bravo TV and fans could not have hoped for a better ending. Every single cast member on the show was really happy and they were having a blast. The finale started with a confrontation between Reshma and Lopa. The duo discussed the problems they had with each other and tried sorting them out.

Meanwhile, Brian’s mom is really worried about his son because she wants a good future for him. She broke down while talking to her husband during tonight's final episode. On the other hand, Vishal Parvani is doing everything he can to get back with Richa Sadana. He takes her out on an adventure date and they both seemed to have a great time.


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In the end, he gave her a surprise that he has bought an apartment for them and called the Mariachi band to give background music to his proposal. Richa accepted the proposal and they are re-engaged. Vishal has promised Richa that he is going to marry no matter what.

The season ended with the young people on the show and all the older ladies having a blast. With the ending of Season 2, fans are urging Bravo TV to immediately announce another season because they love the show. So, what’s the status? Has it been renewed or canceled? Here’s everything we know about ‘Family Karma’ Season 3.

Bali Chainani, Amrit Kapai, Anisha Ramakrishna and Vishal Parvani in 'Family Karma' (Instagram/@anisharamakrishna)


Release date

Unfortunately, Bravo hasn’t announced Season 3 yet. However, we should keep in mind that the announcement of Season 2 was made just a few months before its premiere, so we might get some kind of news in the coming months.

Without any guesses, if ‘Family Karma’ is renewed for another season, it will be telecasted on Bravo TV. Viewers can watch the first two seasons of the show on the network as well. You can watch Bravo using any of the following streaming services: Hulu, Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV.


‘Family Karma’ revolves around several Indian families navigating their lives in the US. The show mainly revolves around several Indian American families spanning three generations and the level of westernization inevitably characterizing their lives in Miami. We see them going through happy moments, emotional moments, and dramatic moments as well.

A big part of the show revolves around Vishal’s off-and-on relationship with Richa.


Season 2 of ‘Family Karma’ had many amazing and intimate moments. The scene, where Amrit Kapai finally tells her grandmother that he is “gay,” brought tears to everyone’s eyes. His grandmother told everyone that if he is happy then I am happy as well. Another big moment arrived when Amrit finally proposed to his longtime boyfriend Nicholas.

Nicholas Kouchoukos and Amrit Kapai got engaged 'Family Karma' (Bravo)


The duo is finally engaged and planning their wedding. On the other hand, the show ended with massive news that Vishal and Richa are officially engaged. Vishal has started a new business and bought a home for Richa and him. His partner was really happy that he is doing something for the relationship and said yes to his proposal.


All the original cast members will be returning for Season 3 when it arrives. Vishal Parvani will be back with his partner Richa Sadana while Amrit Kapai and Nicholas will be returning to celebrate their union. Kapai has already said that he would like to televise the wedding to break stereotypes. Anisha Ramakrishna has finally made it big in the fashion industry and we could see her dating life getting better in the upcoming season while Bali Chainani, the show’s most intriguing member, will also be back for Season 3.



Brian, who recently lost his job and had a fight with his girlfriend, will be hoping to find some inner peace during Season 3.

Meanwhile, all the other family members are also expected to return.


The show is created by Bravo TV and executively produced by Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Michelle Schiefen, Ian Gelfand, Michael Meinecke, Lucas Howe, and Swaga Deb.


We will update the story once the trailer is released.

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