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‘Family Karma’ Preview: Vishal wants to show his balls to Lopa Aunty, says he meant it metaphorically

The upcoming episode of 'Family Karma' features Aunty Lopa expressing her disapproval of Vishal and Richa's engagement
Vishal Parvani and Aunty Lopa (Bravo)
Vishal Parvani and Aunty Lopa (Bravo)

Vishal Parvani is a man on a mission. He is willing to go to any lengths to impress his future mother-in-law Aunty Lopa. And how is he planning to accomplish that, you ask? Well, Vishal thinks that showing his balls to Lopa Aunty may leave her impressed. Before you let your imagination run wild, Vishal clarifies in his green room interview that he only meant it metaphorically.
On the day of engagement, Aunty Lopa is still raging against Vishal. She explains in her confessional that she has no idea about how much Vishal earns or whether he is in a position to provide for Richa or not. She adds that when asked Vishal’s mother Reshma about Vishal’s income, she apparently said that she has no idea how much money Vishal makes because she never asked him about it.

But Aunty Lopa isn’t buying Reshma’s theory because she knows that Reshma is the one who writes Vishal’s cheques, as Vishal is her employee. Later, when Richa asks her mother if she is excited about the engagement, she replies with a no.


When Richa tries assuring her mother by pointing out that Vishal is the one who made all the arrangements for the engagement, she still looked very unconvinced. In fact, Aunty Lopa tried to scare Richa by saying that she should be nervous about starting this new chapter in her life with Vishal.  While Richa and Aunty Lopa are still at loggerheads about Vishal, he is busy rehearsing his dance moves for the party.

Aside from the engagement drama, the upcoming episode will also feature Anisha Ramakrishna making a major life decision and informing her mother about it. We see Anisha telling her mother that she has decided to freeze her eggs. When Anisha’s mother Chitra hears it, she bursts out crying saying that she wishes to see her daughter settled with a grandchild before she died, and now that may not happen if Anisha freezes her eggs.

When Anisha sees her mother cry, even she breaks into tears, and both the ladies continue crying in their green room interview. Anisha who is in her 30s has decided to focus on her career, which left her family feeling unsettled because she isn’t prioritizing marriage. In several earlier episodes, we saw the family taunting Anisha for not being married and pushing her to get married soon and have children.
‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.