Family Karma's Dillon Patel slammed for hinting Vishal Parvani's threats were 'homophobic'

'Lmao "homophobic" because he was rightfully pissed off for being spoken about in such a hideous manner. Shut up Dillon!!!!,' wrote a fan

                            Family Karma's Dillon Patel slammed for hinting Vishal Parvani's threats were 'homophobic'
'Family Karma' stars Dillon Patel and Vishal Parvani (Bravo)

Dillon Patel, the newest addition to the cast of 'Family Karma' is quickly becoming one of the messiest cast members of the show. The 27-year-old reality star made his debut on the reality show by rubbing his co-star Vishal Parvani the wrong way.

Dillon reportedly went around spreading rumors about Vishal's sexuality and relationship. When Vishal caught wind of it, he didn't appreciate it. So Vishal pulled Dillon aside and warned him against spreading any false rumors about him and his relationship. To add more weight to his warning, Vishal threatened to put Dillon's 'face in the ground', if he ever repeated the same mistake. The new cast member didn't appreciate the fact that Vishal was threatening him with physical violence and told everybody about it.


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Dillon Patel, the younger brother of Shaan Patel made his debut on 'Family Karma' Season 2 (Bravo)

Unfortunately for Vishal, everybody took Dillon's side and felt that he crossed a line by threatening violence against Dillon. On the recently aired episode of 'Family Karma', Vishal's friend Amrit Kapai sat down with Dillon to understand why he was so triggered by Vishal. Dillon then explained to Amrit that he was triggered by Vishal's threats and revealed how in the past he was subject to violence on account of his sexuality. During his conversation with Amrit, Dillon also hinted at Vishal's words coming off as 'homophobic'.

When fans heard Dillon suggesting that Vishal might be homophobic for defending himself against baseless rumors they were annoyed. A fan tweeted, "Wait how is Dillon trying to spin Vishal's threat into a potential hate attack??? He threatened you bc YOU were talking sh*t about HIS SEXUALITY. #FamilyKarma." Another fan wrote, "Lmao "homophobic" because he was rightfully pissed off for being spoken about in such a hideous manner. Shut up Dillon!!!! #FamilyKarma and respecting someone based on their sexual orientation and not the content of their character." "Every time Dillon’s appeared on screen this season he’s been irksome. and to still be singing this tune to anyone who’ll listen of how HE is the one who was wronged by Vishal, always conveniently leaving out what he said/did. NOPE. #FamilyKarma," pointed a fan.




Vishal Parvani on 'Family Karma' (Bravo)


Fans also called out Dillon for not taking responsibility for his actions. A fan expressed, "Why would Dillon even bring up Vishal being “homophobic”? Nothing he said was homophobic. You talking sh*t about ANYONE will have it’s consequences, so you need to think about that before running your messy mouth. #FamilyKarma." "Why would a gay man like Dillon say these things about his straight friend sucking d*ck and make it seem like it’s wrong. Whether Vishal gave a guy head or not is no reason to try and out him and shame him. Dillon is a danger to the gay community. #familykarma," shared a fan. Another fan added, "Dillon you were an a**hole and Vishal threatening to fight you was not because you’re gay. And you being gay doesn’t give you license to write checks your a** can’t cash #FamilyKarma."





'Family Karma' Season 2 airs every Wednesday on Bravo. Check your local listings for more information. 


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