EXO's Chanyeol returns from military, K-pop fans bring back solo debut promise

EXO's Chanyeol returns from military, K-pop fans bring back solo debut promise
Chanyeol has yet to make his solo debut but is in a sub-unit with member Sehun (@weareoneEXO/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: We are one step closer to EXO completing their military era. EXO's Chanyeol has become the fifth member to finally complete his mandatory military service and get discharged on September 28. He had enlisted in March 2021 and himself confirmed in August 2022 that he would be meeting fans the moment he was discharged. He will be holding a YouTube Live to celebrate his return on September 29 on his own channel Studio NNG. And in the meantime, fans have also brought back his promise of a solo debut.

After a few quiet years, EXO is back with a bang. We had Suho making his first solo comeback while there are rumors of Sehun also making his solo debut. D.O. returned to K-dramas and fans are excited for his mischievous role in 'Bad Prosecutor'. At the same time, Xiumin made his solo debut with 'Bad News' and hinted at a full group EXO comeback. Well, the next member that fans think will make his solo debut happens to be Chanyeol as he resumes his K-pop career.


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EXO's Chanyeol had wanted to release a solo album

Following the return of Suho and Chen, Chanyeol becomes the third EXO member to complete his military service in 2022. It has been a good year as the rapper was also pretty active in the military as he made his musical debut in the military musical 'Meissa's Song' alongside fellow K-pop idols from groups like Infinite, B.A.P and KARD. Well, while being interviewed for his musical, Chanyeol was asked, "What do you want to do after discharge?" To this, he replied, "Firstly, I'll release my solo album."

'Chanyeol is home'

One fan tweeted, "Q: Q23: What do you want to do after discharge? : Firstly, I'll release my solo album I'm really looking forward to your 1st solo album now." Another EXO-L posted, "Chanyeol never disappoints us. Throughout the wait until today, it was beautiful and I loved every second of it. Our Prince Charming, he had his musical debut and I am excited to see his debut as a solo artist next!! Hope it will work out just fine for you."

One fan commented, "Can we all collectively manifest for a Chanyeol solo debut." Another added, "WELCOME BACK SERGEANT PARK CHANYEOL! Owner of most iconic military photocards!" One EXO-L wrote, "Waiting for yeolo1 WELCOME BACK CHANYEOL." Another fan shared, "Chanyeol is HOME and I’m just trying to wrap myself up in his beautiful comforting voice."







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