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'Meissa's Song': EXO Chanyeol, Infinite L to make musical debut with B.A.P Daehyun

Chanyeol plays the lead character Raman while L aka Myungsoo and Daehyun have been double-cast as the second lead who protects Raman
Chanyeol, Myungsoo and Daehyun star in a military musical (@howfarms01/Instagram)
Chanyeol, Myungsoo and Daehyun star in a military musical (@howfarms01/Instagram)

EXO’s Chanyeol and Infinite’s L aka Myungsoo might be in the military at the moment but they are set to have their musical debut. Chanyeol has been cast in the lead for the musical ‘Meissa’s Song’ along with Myungsoo and ex-B.A.P member Daehyun. They are joined by actor Moon Yong-suk and American theatre actors Michael Lee and Brad Little. The military musical is just one of the many cultural events that South Korea’s military encourages to foster creativity and provide an artistic outlet for those currently serving. 

Having started pre-productions in May, it was revealed that 41 soldiers had participated including Myungsoo who is currently in the Marines, Daehyun who is a Corporal and Chanyeol who is an Army Private. The musical titled ‘Meissa’s Song: Us under the stars in a desert’ is a patriotic story about the protagonist who calls the soldier protecting him 'Meissa'. It means a shining existence that fosters hope in the face of despair.

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'Meissa's Song' is a new military musical

The military has also announced that due to the current Covid-19 outbreak in the country, the performances will be held from October 15 to November 27 at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Woori Financial Art Hall. The performances will be live-streamed online from October 15 to 17. The decision of having a physical audience will be taken in November. Tickets for the show will be announced at the end of September through the production’s Instagram.

The production also released a synopsis through their Instagram. ‘Meissa’s Song’ is about Raman played by Chanyeol who comes from the fictional country of Kamur embroiled in a civil war. He travels to Korea for a K-pop audition and comes in touch with their culture through UN’s peacekeeping forces. Myungsoo and Daehyun have been double-cast as the unambitious soldier Yeon Joon-seok who volunteers to go to Kamur. Moon Yong-suk plays Yoon Seon-ho who wants world peace and joins Joon-seok in Kamur.

'So proud'

Happy EXO-Ls tweeted congratulatory posts for Chanyeol, “#CHANYEOL AS RAMAN (LEAD ROLE) HE IS THE LEAD ROLE ON HIS FIRST MUSICAL OMG OMG SO PROUD!!” Another added, “THATS REMINDS ME OF ROOKIE CHANYEOL.” One said, “WE'RE GETTING TO SEE CHANYEOL LIKE THIS VERY SOON??!?!?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!?? IM SOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY.” Inspirits were also happy for Myungsoo as they tweeted, “IM SCREAMING OMG KIM MYUNGSOO,” “Everyone is going crazy for kim myungsoo,” and “Hello myungsoo’s dimple, i missed you.” Daehyun’s fans too were hyped up, “Army Corporal Jung Daehyun from the idol group B.A.P,” “Get Ready! Musical Actor Jung Daehyun is coming back with Meissa's Song Sparkles can't wait to see Daehyun back on the stage! are you excited?” and “MUSICAL ACTOR DAEHYUN IS COMING BACK So happy to hear he'll be on the stage again.”