DAY6's Young K posts touching hand-written letter from military, fans want him back

Following band leader Sungjin, Young K is the second DAY6 member to enlist in the military

                            DAY6's Young K posts touching hand-written letter from military, fans want him back
Young K updates fans from the military with a hand-written letter (@day6official/Twitter)

With the fifth generation coming closer and closer, fans of the previous K-pop generations are getting a reality check. All South Korean males till the age of 30 have to enlist in the military service. And as our favorite third-gen artists are getting closer to 30, they’re going on a hiatus while they serve and protect their country. A majority of the third-gen idols have started enlisting and the latest was none other than DAY6’s Young K. Having been brought up in Canada, he got a chance to enlist in KATUSA.

South Korean volunteers who know English and fit other criteria are selected to be a part of the United States Army. And Young K is the first idol to join KATUSA as he enlisted on October 12. His enlistment is especially bittersweet since it happened a few weeks after he had his solo debut. He is, in fact, the first DAY6 member to go solo. The bassist released his first solo album ‘Eternals’ with the title track ‘Guard You’ in September. Fans have been missing him and were excited when they got to see a photo of Young K in his military uniform.

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Young K writes to fans from the military

Along with the photo, Young K updated fans with a touching hand-written letter on November 5. He shared that he was eating and sleeping well and that My Days (DAY6’s fandom) shouldn’t be worried. He added that he was getting along well with others, had become the trainee platoon leader and wished fans to stay happy with the promise that they would meet again soon. Young K is the second DAY6 member to enlist following their leader Sungjin who joined the army in early 2021.

'Papers that caused tears'

Tearful fans trended Young K as they made tweets like, “Those weeks and months are enough young k sungjin pls come back,” “He must be missing his Converse,” and “2/4 DAY6's handwritten letters from inside the military papers that caused tears.” Another My Day added, “Soldier in training Young K in his uniform he looks so handsome.”

One fan shared, "Both sungjin and youngk mentioning about how good the food is in the military. as expected of our foodies :">." Fans also found his last message before he enlisted quite similar which had them bawling, with one fan tweeting, ""Until the next time we meet, stay healthy, and stay happy." Young K's last message on the TMRW magazine he wrote in September." Another fan commented, "I printed it gonna put it in a frame as well later."








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