Will Jae Park leave DAY6? Fans trend 'hugs for Jae' as he tells haters 'you win'

Will Jae Park leave DAY6? Fans trend 'hugs for Jae' as he tells haters 'you win'
DAY6's Jae goes Instagram Live (@day6kilogram/Instagram)

It looks like SM, YG and JYPE are losing their status as the ‘Big 3’ K-pop entertainment agencies. Just days ago, SM and YG came under fire for mistreating Red Velvet and Blackpink’s Lisa. Some fans were already unhappy with JYPE with the way they were managing TWICE Jeongyeon’s hiatus that she had taken for her mental health. And now, another artist of theirs, DAY6’s Jae came on Instagram Live to address haters and trolls that have been targeting him for quite some time.

Jae Park is the guitarist and vocalist of K-pop band DAY6. Currently, with five members, the band debuted in 2015 under JYP Entertainment. Most idols are not allowed to go Live unless they have a manager with them who will approve what they can and cannot say. But on October 6 night, without any supervision, Jae came on Instagram Live that has fans worried. In the last few years, Jae has not been able to fully participate in group activities that had antis and haters complaining that he was selfish.

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Jae talks about doing PR for DAY6

Many trolls have tried to cancel him but on the October 6 Live, he bared his soul confessing that he had always put DAY6 first. His frustration was clear as he talked about how his label, JYPE had not done much for the band’s promotions and he had been responsible for social media marketing. He had booked promotional gigs in the US like Buzzfeed interviews by calling in favors. He added that all of the DAY6 members had done the same too and they were not to blame for anything. But he was hurt that it was the management that had not invited him to comebacks and promotional activities of the group and the sub-unit Even Of Day.


Jae breaks down

He shared that even the solo activities that he had done were from his own pocket but every time he got an opportunity he used to send it to DAY6 first. But trolls and haters have been targeting him, trying to ruin his career and telling him to leave DAY6. Jae tried to keep it light by saying it must be something the trolls must be doing for fun. At one point, it seemed that he was on the verge of crying as he explained that he had not been able to breathe a day before and had to contact his lawyers asking if he should take legal action. He tearfully said, “My heart can’t take this...I have panic disorder.”

'You have won this war'

He then added that he had been advised not to take legal action because a lot of the haters might be kids. And for their sake, he had decided to let it go one last time. But he explained that they were messing with people’s livelihood and if it happened again he would surely take legal action. But it was his words in between that worried fans. Addressing the haters, Jae said, “You guys don’t want me in certain places. You guys will get what you want. You have won this war. You’re right I don’t belong here.” 

Watch the Instagram Live below:


'I'm so mad right now'

Many hope that Jae means that the "place" he will be leaving is social media and not DAY6. Fans have been trending all kinds of supportive phrases like #hugsforjae and #justiceforjae with tweets like, “All this time i thought jae was still taking his time off promotions for personal reasons. but the truth is he was never informed and invited by the company at all. i am once again disappointed but not surprised with jype,” “I dont want jae to leave day6 but how jype treated him is really disgusting I'm so mad right now,” and “I'm shocked to find out that Jae actually did the pr he said he called his friend to ask if day6 could get featured on the buzzfeed what was their company doing man.”





One asked, “JAE DID A LIVE ON INSTAGRAM AND SAID HE’D DONE HIS BEST FOR DAY6 UNTIL THE VERY END? WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??????????” Another commented, “If ever he decides to be a full-on solo, I would understand why and would support him all the way  (hopefully not tho but it's his life).” One fan begged, “Jae, pls dont leave day6. Just leave the company. Then the rest of the members can/will follow you.”





Another hoped that his words meant something else, “He didn't directly said he'll leave the band, he didn't specified what he was pertaining to. We can't conclude for him (as much as we want the best for him), pls don't get his words twisted again. Please.” One shared, “This was so painful to watch I hate that company and these fake ass fans for treating him this way.” Another tweeted, “The only team that needs to disband is studio j and jype themselves.”




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