Jae Park’s comments on latest K-pop podcast anger both TWICE and DAY6 fandoms

Jae Park's comment about DAY6 being 'inauthentic' and never getting to talk to labelmate Sana of TWICE even once in 7 years riled up both fandoms

                            Jae Park’s comments on latest K-pop podcast anger both TWICE and DAY6 fandoms
Jae Park's podcast interview has riled up TWICE fans (@day6official/Twitter)

A couple of weeks earlier, Jae Park was in the news for warning haters and trolls that he would take legal action as the cyberbullying was taking a toll on his mental health. The DAY6 member got candid on an Instagram live where his attitude of surrender had fans wonder if he was planning on leaving the K-pop band. He later clarified that he was just venting and that he was sorry for alarming fans. He then had a fun stint in LA as he was part of the 88rising’s HITC music festival lineup and fans were happy to see him perform live.

Also known as eaJ, Jae Park then had a podcast interview with OTV on November 26 as a Thanksgiving special which hasn't gone down well with some fans. The DAY6 member spoke about toxic social media, his time in LA and how things really worked in the K-pop industry in terms of age and language bias and cliques formed around those categories. He spoke lightheartedly but with evident sarcasm. Off the bat, he spoke about how K-pop was manufactured and artists were brainwashed. While talking about his gig at HITC, he spoke about how a friend was complimenting DAY6 and said that they were authentic but Jae broke off to claim that they were not.

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Jae’s podcast riles up two fandoms

Jae also gave credit where credit was due as he praised his label’s CEO, JYP. The DAY6 star mentioned that he idolized JYP as a musician as well as a human being and that he had once contacted him at 3 am when he was having a hard time. But at one point, he also spoke about TWICE’s Sana that had both fans and non-fans confused. Jae said that he had asked his manager to get a signed TWICE album. The host asked why he didn’t ask the girl group directly as they are labelmates. But Jae joked that he had not spoken to TWICE's Sana in the 7 years he has been at JYPE.

Some ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) were confused why Jae name-dropped Sana while others were openly angered by it. They made posts like, “Doesn't he supposed to [know] not to specify names since he's been in this business long enough to know how [things] escalate...?,” and “He's literally a flopping twitch and yt streamer, he's on Twitter 24/7 bc he's jobless, a loser, JYPE even excluded him from one of the day6 events. Do not EVER mention Sana you freak and make it seem like it's her fault that you haven't talked to her for SEVEN YEARS.” Another fan said that things had been blown out of proportion, “It’s a large ass company so is it really that weird that they never spoke to each other? some of y’all have no idea how real life works and it shows, sana stans need to take a chill pill.” Jae himself spoke up and said, “YOO IT WAS A JOKE WTF LOOL.”






The DAY6 fandom, My Days, were also angry that Jae had called his own group inauthentic. “He literally discredited everything his band mates and fans have worked for. groups are manufactured but for a group like day6 that make their own music and are passionate about their craft… you’re just gonna let jae call ALL of that inauthentic??,” one fan tweeted. Another said, “Jae stans now claiming that day6 doesnt compose their songs is a new level of f*cking stupid have fun get well soon.” One fan tried to explain, “Jae, i think u should stop speaking about that concept of k industry work cauze im worried it really does impact you and day6.”




Fans defend Jae

But a lot of fans tried to explain that Jae’s words were being taken out of context. One was angry that antis thought Jae was saying what he said because he had supposedly left DAY6, “Your argument is invalid from the moment you don't even know that he's still a member of the band.” Another posted, “Regarding the day6 jae situation, i personally agree with him and don’t see how he apparently “dragged day6 down” yall just immature and misinterpreted his words, yes it could’ve been stated better but he has a point.” One My Day tried to explain, “About j said day6 not authentic, i think he said that because day6 not hundred percent organic they were created by jype. But yeah haters keep hating so let them be.”





Fans also tried to keep the situation light as they made memes while one joked, “Idk what happened w jae day6 but he is undergoing major amberfication rn.” Another My Days shared, “Can't wait until we see day6 come together again and do what they do best, i just hope the narratives of songs like where the sea sleeps and we come true and the dawn will come as soon as possible ;___; day6 is my forever band fr i'll always believe in and wait for you.”





Watch the podcast below:


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