DAY6 Dowoon does taxes on VLive before joining army, fans joke he is 'adulting'

The youngest DAY6 member will be enlisting in the military soon to reduce the duration of their hiatus

                            DAY6 Dowoon does taxes on VLive before joining army, fans joke he is 'adulting'
DAY6 drummer Dowoon has done his taxes on VLive (Twitter/@day6official)

For those K-pop fans who feel that their idols are not showing their human side and real-life struggles, we have DAY6’s Dowoon for you. The idol drummer has ended up trending for his ‘adulting’ as he decided to do his tax refunds with his fans on VLive. The youngest member of DAY6 has been in the news recently for his bittersweet announcement that he would be enlisting in the army soon. With their leader Sungjin and Young K enlisting for their mandatory military service in 2021, we just have two members left: Wonpil and Dowoon.

While Wonpil is yet to reach the maximum age limit for enlistment which is 30 years, he is set to enlist in the first half of 2022 after his solo debut. Dowoon, who is only 26, has also decided to enlist with him to reduce the hiatus gap of the band. Fans were touched that the maknae (youngest) was enlisting before his time so that they wouldn’t have to wait long before DAY6 would be reunited as a whole. At this rate, we might get a DAY6 reunion by mid-2023.


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Fans find the DAY6 drummer relatable as he does his taxes with them (@day6official/Twitter)

Dowoon does his taxes with his fans

With Dowoon set to enlist on January 17 in the military band, the idol is proving that he is a hard-working guy too as he is wrapping up his responsibilities a week in advance. On January 11, the DAY6 drummer held an audio live on VLive which fans found amusing after they figured out what he was doing. Dowoon confessed that he had just gotten up and was doing his tax refunds since he wouldn’t be able to do them once he was in the army. Fans stayed online with him as he continued with his taxes and occasionally shared his frustrations with MS Excel.

‘Dowoon just a guy’

Fans trended Dowoon as they found his latest VLive relatable. One My Day tweeted, “Had a vlog where he just folds laundry, ig live in 144p because he wanted to save data bc his phone bills got too high, went on vlive while doing his taxes: dowoon just a guy who just happens to be a famous drummer & goes to variety shows.” Another joked, “Dowoon is just some guY.” One fan posted, “Oh? Dowoon's doing taxes while being in vlive? Wow, this is some realistic adulting stuff from a celebrity's point of view. I can hear his mouse clicking too.”

Another My Day added, “Dowoon i’ll work on your excel file for you.” One fan commented, “Just Dowoon and his deep voice 🥰 I believe he’s saying, that’s right, it’s me. With the clicks of his mouse, his sips of coffee and sniffles. I never knew I needed this Dowoon asmr.”






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