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When is 'Real Girlfriends In Paris' Season 1 out? RGiP cast and latest buzz around Bravo's reality show

The show's premise is to follow six young American expats, who are all enjoying their best lives and have no plans to return to their homeland
UPDATED AUG 29, 2022
A still from 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' trailer (BravoTV)
A still from 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' trailer (BravoTV)

PARIS, FRANCE: The next Bravo reality program, 'Real Girlfriends in Paris', which premieres Monday nights, guarantees French adventure and Parisian drama. The show follows six young Americans who live in "the City of Light."

Prepare to pack your bags and sing "Ooh la la," as Bravo's latest installment, 'Real Girlfriends in Paris', will premiere in September. The series will transport viewers to Paris to chronicle the lives of six young ladies in the stylish, romantic, and beautiful City of Light. The ladies are all American ex-pats living their best possible life and following their ultimate aspirations while juggling employment, love encounters, and inescapable conflicts, and finding who they are supposed to be and exactly what they desire along the way. Here's all you need to know about the new show.


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When does 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' release?

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' premieres on Bravo on Monday, September 5, at 9:15 pm ET. The remaining episodes will be broadcast on Mondays at 9 pm ET and will be available to stream on Tuesdays on Peacock.

How can I watch 'Real Girlfriends in Paris'?

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' will air Monday evenings on Bravo, with episodes accessible the next day on Peacock. Those in other locations who do not have access to Bravo should use a VPN.

Who's acting in 'Real Girlfriends in Paris'?

Victoria Zito, Adja Toure, Kacey Margo, Margaux Lignel, Emily Gorelik, and Anya Firestone are among the cast members, according to People. The cast's 20-somethings are from all across the country, including Texas, New York, New Jersey, and California. In Paris, the women discover love, become more familiar with the city (with the assistance of expert Anya Firestone, who has lived in the capital for a decade), and fall even more in love with the City of Light than before. As the ladies live their best lives and pursue their ultimate aspirations, they find themselves juggling professions, love meetings, inescapable conflicts, and figuring out who they are and what they want.


What is the plot of 'Real Girlfriends in Paris'?

The show's premise is to follow around closest friends who have made Paris their home. While they may not be competent in French, many of the ladies appear to be experts at shopping and flirting. The six young American expats are all enjoying their best lives and have no plans to return to their homeland. People posted a clip that offered a preview of the fun that the women will have in the vibrant global metropolis.


What is the buzz around 'Real Girlfriends in Paris'?

Bravo has been producing entertaining programming since the 1980s, when it was a commercial-free channel. Initially focused on the performing arts and cinema, Bravo quickly found its place with popular reality TV series such as 'Southern Charm', 'Top Chef', 'Real Housewives', and 'Below Deck'. Viewers have attracted a diverse range of characters who reflect their city in distinctive and appealing (and tragic) ways. With a new program on the way, people are eager to see more foreign flare on the network. Fans will be happy to learn that the series will premiere in September. 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' without a question, could be another great hit for Bravo. The series may develop a cult following in the same way that 'Ladies of London' did in the past. Bravo is attempting to expand internationally once more, and fans are hoping for a strong start. They could also be looking forward to seeing a few attractive Parisians.