‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 on Bravo: Plot, cast, date and latest buzz around the new season of reality show

‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 on Bravo: Plot, cast, date and latest buzz around the new season of reality show
Austen Kroll, Kathryn Dennis (Bravo)

We all know how ‘Southern Charm’ is one of Bravo’s most loved and globally viewed reality television series. Fans that had been waiting for the new season to air can rest easy now since Bravo is bringing much awaited ‘Southern Charm’ season 8 on June 23, 2022. The series has been created by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Smith.

The reality series revolves around a group of friends in Charleston, South Carolina. These group of friends experience the onset of love, topped with drama and situational chaos as well. Before ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 drops in few days on Bravo, fans can also watch these reality television series like ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’, ‘The Big Shot Game Show’ and ‘Young, Famous & African’ as well.


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When is ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 releasing and where can you watch it ?

Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy (Bravo)

The much awaited reality television series ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 would be premiering on June 23, 2022, at Bravo.

What is the plot of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8?

Kathryn Dennis (Bravo)

Things are going to be a lot more dramatic and chaotic in Charleston. Things are going to be seen going South. Viewers can prepare themselves for more drama as the Southern Charmers gear up for another season. In the trailer, we all saw there was a wedding and also couple of shocking revelations that would surely adding the spice to the drama when it comes to relationships, love and friendships as well in this upcoming season. We also caught a glance of Patricia Altschul bringing her iconic style of Southern sass and wisdom as the group finds themselves traversing through all kinds of new territories and modes in their lives. John Pringle will also join in on the group’s antics.

The official synopsis of the show reads, “New relationships blossom and old resentments boil over as these Southern socialites navigate shifting romantic entanglements, chaotic friendships, flourishing businesses, and new parenthood”.

Who stars in ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8?

(L-R) Leva Bonaparte, John Pringle, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, Craig Conover (Bravo)

The following actors have been confirmed for the reality series.

Leva Bonaparte

The 33-years-old American businesswoman Leva Bonaparte is a part of the elite community in South Carolina. She’s giving tough competition to every bar and restaurant of the city with her thriving hospitality business. Leva owns these four restaurants namely ‘Republic Regine’, ‘Mesu’, ‘Bourbon N Bubbles’, and ‘1st Place’. Leva is married to her husband Lamar Bonaparte and they have a son together whose name is Lulu. Leva is going to be seen playing herself in the ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 on Bravo.

The ‘Southern Charm’ season 8 cast also includes Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Naomi Olindo,  Patricia Altschul, John Pringle, Whitney Sudler Smith, Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Madison Lecroy and several others.

Latest buzz about ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8

Shep Rose, Craig Conover (Bravo)

In an interview with The Daily Dish last month, Shep Rose teased audiences that what’s going to come in upcoming season would definitely be jaw-dropping as it would be starting with some major tension between them and Craig Conover. Rose said, “Well, Craig and Austen and I really get into it. And at first it’s me and Austen against Craig in the beginning of the season. And we have our reasons, damn it, and you’re gonna have to see”.

Furthermore also adding reasons on why things became strained between him and Craig in ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8, Shep said, “He wasn’t a very good friend leading up to the last season with reaching out or anything. And we were like, look, I get it that you’re busy, congratulations, but come on, I mean, friendships trump everything, in my opinion”. On this Austen Kroll also added, “We have our reasons”.

Spilling beans on how he’s always feeling caught in between Shep and Craig’s drama in the season, Austen said, “I feel like I’m in between Shep and Craig. I’m, like, trying to hold them. Like, come together. You guys secretly love each other”.

Shep also gave a teaser of how, “there’s a lot of other stuff that goes on” this season, which also does include his relationship with Taylor Ann Green, who joins the cast this season.

When Craig Conover made appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ a few months back, he told fans to expect and get set for a “really, really good” season of 'Southern Charm'. “When people think Southern Charm, this is the season,” he teased. “There’s stuff that happens that you just can’t make up”, he also added.

Opening up about return of his ex-girlfriend Naomi Olindo to the cast, Craig told Andy Cohen that, he “was actually a big proponent of it”. Craig also shared, “She came clean about everything. She apologized to everyone that she needed to. And great, she said she was sorry. She was honest about it”. Craig added that Season 8 “brings it all home” for Southern Charm fans. “People are really going to enjoy this season,” he said.


The show ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 is created by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Smith. It is a weekly reality television series with every episode airing weekly.

The series premieres on June 23, 2022 at 9 pm ET on Bravo. 

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