GOT7 leader Jay B trolled for taking break, Youngjae says 'do not touch our Jaebummie hyung'

GOT7 members did not sign again with JYP Entertainment, but the band has not parted ways and have instead promised to work together and release more work together

                            GOT7 leader Jay B trolled for taking break, Youngjae says 'do not touch our Jaebummie hyung'
Jay B of GOT 7 shared this picture of himself on Instagram (

The question of what the members of GOT7 will be doing after they decided not to sign with their agency JYP Entertainment had pervaded the minds of all their fans. Fans got a response to their question in the form of a song from the team just after their contract with JYP had ended and yet, this seems to have not satisfied all of them. Or so it seems from GOT7 leader Jay B's Instagram status update. 

He wrote, "Ah! You asked what I've been doing! I would like to release [GOT7] songs so I have been arranging the paperwork that is required behind the scenes, the distribution details, studying trademark and copyright laws, transferring, and other business level material." While the status did not explain why Jay B would update something like this, he went on to add, "I did not sit idly and do nothing."


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GOT7 (GOT7 Instagram)

Jay B is not someone who would give such detailed updates about whatever he is pursuing at the moment. So this update surprised fans.

Jay B added, "You could even say that I was the busiest person behind the scenes.. hehe.. just saying... The work that I was doing did not necessarily show, but I thought it would be better to let you know. Basically, I am doing everything that a leader is supposed to do hehe. For your information, I pretty much had no time for myself hehe. I guess it's slowly time to start working on my own stuff now~~ Peace~"

Instagram post shared by GOT7 member Jay B. (

The fact that Jay B had taken time to post an update such as this has made fans of the star wary. They are now calling out the trolls for disturbing their favorite idol with malicious posts. Right after Jay B shared his post, his team member Youngjae, took to Instagram to post, "Do not touch our Jaebummie hyung."

Fans commented in support of Jay B and one of them wrote, "I've seen a few people on twt complaining about the fact he hasn't announced an agency, but he's not obligated to do that until he's ready. I feel like everyone already knew he was doing exactly what he said, taking care of GOT7 before himself just like he always does."

The screenshot of Instagram status posted by Youngjae in support of GOT7 teammate Jay B. (@333cyj333)

One found the fact that Youngjae stood up for JB cute and wrote, "'Do not touch our Jaebummie hyung.' Please why is this so cute????" Another shared, "I love GOT7's brotherly bond and courage to establish themselves outside a big company."

Mostly though, fans wanted the trolls to show themselves the door from GOT7 fandom because they did not deserve a place. One fan wrote, "I hope those fake fans see themselves to the door, being impatient and immature has no place in our fandom. You don't OWN Got7."

Another added, "Fans need to learn that just because you don't see it doesn't mean nothing is happening. Be patient and then support the content when it's released."

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