Enhypen’s Jungwon dragged for immature jibe at students taking college entrance exam

'The ones who are here watching this VLive could be the ones who didn’t do well on the CSATs,' Jungwon joked but apologized later for his comment

                            Enhypen’s Jungwon dragged for immature jibe at students taking college entrance exam
Jungwon makes an insensitive comment about CSAT exam takers (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)

The CSAT exam in South Korea is the College Scholastic Ability Test that is basically a college entrance exam required to apply to a good college. Along with a lot of school goers, even young idols who want to continue their education took the CSAT exam that was held on November 19 in Seoul. We had idols like Treasure’s Doyoung and VeriVery’s Kangmin going to take exams while fans cheered them in person and on social media. We also had other idols sending supportive messages to their fans but Enhypen Jungwon’s comment irked some.

On November 18, Enhypen came to VLive to talk about their upcoming fan meeting. While the members were chatting with fans, the topic led to the CSAT exam since it was held a day before their fan meeting. Enhypen members pointed out that a lot of fans would be coming after taking their CSAT exam. They added that they hoped fans would do well on their exam. But then Jungwon added, “The ones who are here watching this VLive could be the ones who didn’t do well on the CSATs, right?” He was probably trying to make a light-hearted joke but some Korean fans found it insensitive.

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Jungwon apologizes

While some Korean fans who had taken their CSAT said that they didn’t really mind the comment, others caused an uproar on social media. The online backlash led to Jungwon apologizing. On November 19, the Enhypen member posted that he wanted to apologize for his immature words. He explained, “I was nervous of meeting you all in person after a long time, but on the other hand, I think I couldn’t fathom the feelings of the exam takers who had been struggling with their studies for a long time.” Some fans think that it wasn’t a big deal since Jungwon is only 17-years-old and still hasn’t understood the magnitude of the CSAT exams and appreciated his apology.


‘Everyone makes mistakes’

Some Engenes made posts like, “I can see why knetz are so upset about what jungwon said about the csat situation so guys I don't think y'all should excuse what he said since it's pretty clear it wasn't a mistranslation since lots of korean fans are upset. Another fan shared, “We will never understand the disappointment of csat’s taker on Jungwon, they were definitely hurt. Even some of his fans were taking a break. Sunoo’s facial expressions says it all, he also got shocked on what Jungwoon said. I still hope that kengenes did a great job on the exam.”

One Engene commented, “Everyone makes mistakes so that's okay Wonie ENGENE will stay beside and support you guys.” Another said, “Jungwon apologized about what he said about the CSAT yesterday :(((( pls, i'm going to cry.. jungwon best boy indeed :((( i love you so much, my jungwon. i'll forever be saying that. :(((.” One fan tried to explain why Korean fans were upset in the first place, “Now that everything is explained and clarified let's set aside jungwon and talk abt how some engenes think that joking about csat exams is not a big deal??? csat exams are really important around which people lose their lives from the pressure of not doing this exam well.”






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