Enhypen and Seventeen assert HYBE Labels' dominance with record-selling comebacks

With groups like BTS and TXT holding fort in the first half of 2021, HYBE artists will continue to dominate 2021 charts with Seventeen and Enhypen

                            Enhypen and Seventeen assert HYBE Labels' dominance with record-selling comebacks
Seventeen and Enhypen will be HYBE Label's two new runners that will hold fort for the rest of 2021 (@saythename_17, @enhypen/Instagram)

With the release of songs like 'Butter' and 'Permission to Dance', BTS has dominated global as well as domestic charts - making a big name for the K-pop industry in the year 2021. In terms of album sales, record sales, charting globally on Billboard Hot 100 as well as music video view counts, BTS still remains one of the topmost groups that keep HYBE Labels going. 

With their second group TXT, HYBE is not far behind in comparison to other fourth-generation groups. In 2021, TXT had two comebacks that both dominated the K-pop world. With their regular album 'Chaos Chapter: Freeze' dominating local charts, and making a re-entry into Billboard's BB200 World Albums chart at Number 8 while charting for 13 weeks even months after its release, TXT proved that BTS is not HYBE's only group to assert global dominance. 


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Enhypen makes a powerful return

After TXT, HYBE Labels' newest artist Enhypen has taken charge to dominate charts with their upcoming album that will release on October 12. The album, 'Dimension: Dilemma', will be Enhypen's first full-length album, and has already started asserting the group's dominion in terms of numbers as sales for this album has topped that of their previous sales by reaching 600K pre-orders within six days of its announcement. 

Returning after six months, Enhypen recorded half a million sales with their last album 'Border: Carnival' and ranked at Number 18 on the Billboard 200 chart as of May 29 despite being a rookie group. Enhypen also records a new high in terms of streaming where Spotify reported that the total number of streams the K-pop group has received was 326,694,148 as of September 25 with a total of 4,632,615 monthly listeners and 1,877,376 followers in total.


Seventeen million-sellers

Seventeen on the other hand is a well-established group themselves but has not failed to show the world their global domination. With their eighth mini-album 'Your Choice' having released in June of 2021, Seventeen will make a power-packed return only four months after its release with comeback album 'Attacca'. The album will release on October 22 and will mark Seventeen's ninth mini-album.

Making their global presence known, Seventeen has already recorded a grand comeback with another million-seller album which recorded a total of 1.41 million pre-orders in just one day of its announcement. Seventeen also sold 1.36 million copies of their last album 'Your Choice' based on Hanteo Chart - the largest album sales site in Korea. Not only that, but Seventeen also debuted at Number 15 on the Billboard 200 chart for the album 'Your Choice.'

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