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Enhypen keeps mum on Heeseung's N-word row, upset fans trend 'We Loved Enhypen'

'#WeLovedEnhypen, but we can’t continue to do so if this never gets resolved,' said a fan
Heeseung is also yet to speak up on the N-word row (Instagram)
Heeseung is also yet to speak up on the N-word row (Instagram)

It has been over two weeks since Enhypen Heeseung’s N-word controversy over a video where the idol was singing SZA’s ‘Love Galore’. At one point, some believed that he had said the N-word while others believed that he had not. Hashtags like #PROTECTENHYPEN started trending so that the group’s company would do something about the situation. However, they have all been silent on the matter and gone on with promoting and carrying on with Enhypen's schedule.

In fact, the agency, Belift Lab that is under the huge global company HYBE released a statement stating that they would be taking legal actions against those who were taking part in “malicious activities”. Since HYBE has prided themselves for being a global company that takes into consideration all of their fans’ feelings, many were surprised at this response. After deflecting the matter, the agency continued with the schedule of releasing the Japanese single 'Given-Taken' and announcing 'Drunk Dazed’s' summer edition. And this disappointed some fans.


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ENHYPEN's Heeseung (Instagram)

Some fans demand an explanation

#PROTECTBLACKENGENES had trended last week as many requested HYBE and Belift to address the situation. It would have been better if the group had acknowledged the matter whether Heeseung had or had not said the N-word. The topic would have been over. But with them ignoring the situation while the rest of the fans celebrate their Japanese release and the summer edition, Twitter is in an uproar once more.

With the N-word playing a very painful part in the history of African-Americans, it is understandable that Black fans wanted Heeseung to address the matter. Many claimed that ignorance in the K-pop industry still exists and all they wanted to do was educate idols as to why something should not be said. But with some non-Black fans calling out Black Engenes for “ruining” the group, #WeLovedEnhypen started trending.

Those who were appalled with the way the agency and some non-Black fans were handling the situation started talking about reasons as to why they might not want to associate themselves with the group and fandom. They stated that if no one had said the slur, then there was no need for the group to be silent on the matter. Many Black fans also stated that they had been sent threats and racist messages by those who believed that they had blown the situation out of proportion.

One tweeted, “#WeLovedEnhypen, but we can’t continue to do so if this never gets resolved. I really wanna believe that absolutely NONE of the members said the slur but with BE:LIFT not making that statement, what’re we supposed to think?” One stated that it wasn’t even about the n-word anymore but the reaction to it, “I loved this group so much. it’s not even about if he said it or not. it’s the fact that they let their fans send death threats and throw racism everywhere and didn’t even address it. i can’t be associated with a toxic fandom it’s disgusting.”

Another explained as to why this hashtag was important, “#WeLovedEnhypen encouraging every1 to use this tag bc it emphasizes how ignoring the issue does not solve the problem but rather amplifies it. a lot of ppl have been hurt and @BELIFTLAB 's silence on this makes it hard for us to look at enhypen the same way as before.” One tweeted, “I usually don’t partake in trending hashtags but the fact that there hasn’t even been a peep from heeseung or belift is really concerning. not just about clarification of the video but also the fact they’re letting toxic people be openly racist to black engenes.”